Thank you Anna Della Russo and Japanese Vogue for making this happen! To be shot by Mark Seliger is quite an honor I never thought I would experience. The fun and amazing stylist Sissy Vian picked out two beautiful dresses, the blue one is from Stella McCartney resort and the one that ended up in the magazine is from Christian Dior. They did a great job making all the different bloggers pictures totally unique like Todd Selby in a pool with Christian Louboutain slippers on (!), Tommy Ton with a naked cat on his shoulder and Susie Lau looking adorable as usual.

Thanks for the scan Fuyume.

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113 Responses to “IN VOGUE NIPPON FEB/2011 ISSUE”

  1. Lene

    Du er skikkelig pen!
    Kjolen på det nederste bildet var fin.
    – Naboen 🙂

  2. lala

    Så gøy, du fortjener det 😉 Skal gå og kjøpe norske Elle, så at du var på coveret 🙂

  3. Alexandra

    You are an amazingly lucky girl,did you know that ? I love the blue dress and the setting is very artistic like.

    alexandra @

  4. Mia

    Jätte fina bilder! Grattis till din fotografering. Nu längtar jag verkligen efter sommaren … 🙂

  5. T.

    You look GORGEOUS, I’m curious to the other pictures!

  6. The Artmachine

    Beautiful dresses and shoes and I really love the atmosphere of the picture. You look great with your hair and faces and I understand it was a huge experience to be shot by Mark Seliger.


  7. Henriette

    OMG – du ser helt fantastisk ut!! Et av de peneste, søteste og mest perfekte menneskene jeg vet om:)

  8. Michelle

    amazing dresses
    congrats on the feature
    (well since you are a model you always get to do them but still 🙂 )

  9. Tooney

    You look gorgeous and beautiful! You are sooo lucky to do all those fun things, and you seem so down to earth still for having such a fab life.

  10. Anonymous

    Just started to follow your blog… wonderful.. and yes i also ove your shoes!

  11. Catherine

    You look beautiful – as does everyone else in the editorial! And those black shoes you’re wearing in the second photo are so cute.

  12. ClaraAnne

    The arty workshop set is great, what a retro hairstyle! Excited about this issue now, will have to search it out!