I am totally inspired by Miu Miu’s FW12 collection, my all time favorite. The shirt and tie are vintage, corderoy jeans by J Brand, Mulberry bag and shoes by Charlotte Olympia.

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127 Responses to “IN ST. GERMAIN – PARIS”

  1. dianasaurus

    I think you and your cheekbones could make anything look good.

  2. Justyna

    Very stylish. So today I decided to a bit copy your idea. I took my D&G shirt (cream with black drops – irregular size), I took my Max&Co trousers (slim/pencil shape) in black with small leather insertions + patent-black-leather shoes (businessman style) and black satin tie from Hugo Boss. It was very trendy and stylish as well.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT IDEA! By the way I’m a lawyer and I work for the European Commission therefore I love business style mixed sometimes with femininity accent + high heels + dresses of “a good student” + etc. and etc.
    In any case thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Nicole

    Wow you make mens-style dressing look so great! I didn’t think I’d be brave enough to wear a tie but you’ve inspired me.

  4. Cathrine

    Så utrolig vakker du er!Så et intervju av deg på,inspirerende å høre på deg.Ga meg tro på det jeg selv tenker!Hardt og ærlig arbeid lønner seg!Kjenner jeg ønsker deg alt godt og masse suksess!!!Man blir litt satt ut når man ser en så utrolig nydelig jente,pure perfection og ser at hun er jordnær og en god person også.

    Mvh Cathrine,fra Norge.

  5. Jessica

    Okay, I am freakin’ in love with ties now. I didn’t even notice it was a “men’s” item until I thought about it… It looks so… Feminine!
    Loooovely look <3

    The Lovelorn

  6. The Provoker

    This shirt print is so spot on the trend, miu miu and prada they’re all doing it. So chic and only the chicest of ladies will rock this! So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, and oh yeah I totes followed you since your posts’ contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don’t have to follow me back don’t worry. Ok, I’ve posted up my new shoe fetish purchase (kinky huh), tell me what you think 😉

    xx The Provoker

  7. Leslie Olson

    you are so clean and perfect and everything you wear fits and corresponds so perfectly, i’m not sure you’re human…

  8. Antonie Rikardsson

    Androgynously chic!

    Hey, you’re welcome to got check my blog out. it’s about my life in South Korea.


  9. Annika

    Love the femininity, even girlyness, mixed with the norm of people being used to link tie and shirt to menswear. Very chic.

  10. Hilde

    Du ser nydelig ut med den MIu Miu looken.
    Faktisk så minnet den kolleksjonen meg om deg når jeg først så den , helt sant! 🙂

  11. Amber Jade

    The mixing of the prints is spot on! And those shoes are just the right mix of quirky and adorable. Once again you have nailed it, flawless look!


    This is AMAZING!!! You have totally captured the spirit of that collection. I really love the cord/velvet jeans – the deep blue colour with the mixed purple print of the shirt and tie. The shoes are a perfect cheery on the top. So inspired! X