I’m sorry for the lack of posting my dear readers, the heavy winter in New York and the long trip to Brazil has taken its toll. I’m covering Sao Paulo Fashion Week for Spanish Vogue. It’s exciting being here, the designers are really good and the models are all very professional. Alicia Kuczman is having so much fun with her outfits, and I love how she has cut the hem and deliberately not sown it neatly after.

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76 Responses to “IN SAO PAULO”

  1. Carolina

    Hi, Hanneli, please post more pictures of São Paulo!
    It´s lovely that you got to visit our country!

  2. Melissa

    Hanneli, du er virkelig en inspirasjon! Og det jeg lurer på, er hvordan du har kommet deg til det stedet du er i dag? Du jobber jo for Vogue… og er modell. Kunne du laget et lite innlegg om dette? 🙂

  3. Sabine

    Enjoy! Stop by Bar Veloso in Vila Mariana they make the best caipirinha in São Paulo and stop by this cool store called Juisi by Licquor ( one of the most fashionable vintage stores in sao paulo) located at a neighborhood called Jardins and Rua Agusta has a fabulous galerie called Galeria Ouro Velho go to Ador Amores those are cool places. And check our art at the MASP biggest museum in Latin America

  4. Paula

    I’m brazilian and I was amazed to know that you’re around. I hope you’re enjoying yourself here! 🙂

  5. thefashionguitar

    OMG I totally love this look and she is so beautiful!! The colours are amazing, as well as the velours… Thanks for sharing! How was Sao Paulo?

    xo thefashionguitar

  6. Hanna

    Amazing dress and necklace!! But i don’t know how she is going to be able to do anything with her hands with all those rings on them.

  7. sweet road

    That is a beautiful color blue, very subtle though because of the sheen of the fabric. I really love this outfit and can’t wait to see more photos of fashion week!

  8. Piia

    The combination of different elements is just perfect. The colours, the details..and especially the unfished hem! Adore it!

  9. Hek

    I love it, but I’m not a fan of the broken hem though, I like it more neatly sown. 😉
    Other than that, very, very nice!
    The way she mixes different styles is very inspiring.

  10. Madame M

    I love the different textures, colors she wear. Furthermore, it is interesting to see that the mix of different style influences could give a such pretty outfit.

  11. Magda

    She look cool!!! I will dress more like her from now, my style has been more sexy but I want to be cool like her.

  12. renee

    great mix of ethnic and city look…love the velvet dress with the silver neckpiece…all the colours in the outfit are fantastic..!!!

  13. Fernanda Tanno

    Wonderful look! I’m carioca from Rio and I’m just so proud you shot this look here in Brazil! Congrats!