I wore this dreamy Calvin Klein Collection coat at the Dior FW13 show in Paris with a silver belt also by Calvin Klein Collection, the look probably inspired by this. The bag is by The Row and the shoes are by Acne.

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197 Responses to “IN PARIS”

  1. Desirea

    I love that coral color. I think that color looks amazing on my skin color. Your jacket looks like its something from the 80’s, I love that style. But your boots are what caught my eye. I love the color black, its my favorite color. But sometimes its good to switch into wearing other colors. So Last fall I bought this Hickory color Bearpaw boots from this boutique’s website http://www.shoedaca.com. Still to this day, they still look like I just bought them. They keep my feet warm and I could wear them all day without my feet hurting. Every time I visit their website I always see new deals and awesome specials. You should check them out and grab a pair of Bearpaw boots either for women or kids. It’ll make a great Christmas present and its a good time to wear them in the fall and winter season.

  2. JULIA

    Love the look! Where can I buy the coat? Would love to have your help. xoxo

  3. Marie

    Love the “I’m a candy in Paris”-look. Looks very feminine for Calvin Klein, doesn’t it?

  4. Nora Liu

    This is georgous! At first sight I thought this was a dress. The belt and the coat are perfect match!

  5. Lizzie

    May I ask, what you mean when you say, “the look probably inspired by this”? Are you referencing Christian Dior’s Corolla Line in 1947, aka the “New Look” ? Because certainly this Calvin Klein coat pays great homage to Dior’s silhouette/ structure. If this was your intent– referencing the history and legacy of the house of Dior– through this coat, then that is a breath of fresh air that the fashion industry needs to inhale. The fact that this “traditional” form, style, fashion– what have you, that Dior made popular in the 1950’s, is still pertinent throughout the fashion industry (appearing in a contemporary Calvin Klein Collection), illuminates the significance of the impact Dior made on fashion as we know it today. While many in the industry, when attending a show, would consider wearing articles of that specific designer a common courtesy, you have potentially shown the true representation of respect and recognition– in highlighting the seemingly endless extent of Dior’s influence and legacy on the fashion industry.


    Pretty sure this EXACTLY what I would want to be wearing in Paris.
    Just fell completely in love with that coat..

  7. Anette Kvam

    Ååååå jeg bare elsker denne kåpen på deg!! Nydelig farge, herlig volum og midje 🙂

  8. Denise C

    love love how all the colors come together. the bow is a nice touch that ties the pink & silver together!

  9. Anniken

    Kunne ønske du la ut bilder på bloggen litt oftere! De du har lagt ut er så utrolig fine og veldig inspirerende. Vil ha mer av det gode:) (www.thurmann.tumblr.com)

  10. Ena Styles

    everything fantastic just don’t like the ribbon in her hair <33

  11. Vanessa March

    Hanneli, your blog has been a mentor in creating the structure of mine. I admire your creativity.



  12. Fashion lady

    nice coat and nice shoes . it would have looked better if she had red high heel shoes

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  13. Marly

    I think you were feeling like a princess, at least I would in that coat… 😉


  14. Celeste baca

    Your outfit is stunning. I actually like it more than the inspired looked:) don’t get me wrong, the inspired look is very stylish but yours has something extra and is very classy and beautiful.

    Love from,
    Celestilista 🙂

  15. Kymmie

    This look is absolutely classic and stunning. The coat is a positively perfect fit for Paris, as I’m sure it was much admired there. It almost has a sort of regal feel to it, as though it was made for a princess or queen. I love the coat’s simplicity yet vibrant color that attracts attention, but in a good way. The fabric in the second picture looks airy and soft. Is it comfortable?

  16. Clara

    Very cute outfit!!!

    Check out my webshop, where I sell handmade silver jewellery. 🙂

  17. Elisabeth

    You look incredible. Beautiful coat and great styling. Lots of creds to you. I love your blog.

  18. Mun

    You have the perfect legs for those boots! And the material of your dress looks super cosy 🙂

  19. sara

    What bag? You must pose or display in a matter that that articles show.

  20. A Girl, A Style

    Oh Hanneli, this look is so beautiful on you! I love the shot of colour your coat lends against the grey wintery skies, and the prim (in a good way) bow-tied ponytail.

    Briony xx

  21. Cecilie

    Such an amazing outfit AGAIN! I like the detail with the little printed bow in the hair.
    And I have to say that you are a huge inspiration for me.

    C H O I C E W I T H N O I S E

  22. Kaja

    Hei Hanneli
    Klarer ikke glemme den hvite korte boblejakken du brukte på acnes visning under Paris fashion week høst 13. Lurer på hvor den er fra? Hilsen Kaja

  23. Catie

    That coat looks just as good on you, if not better, than it does in the magazines! It’s like a modern take on Georgian dress. You’re lucky you get to wear it 🙂

  24. suzannah

    Might I be so bold as to ask where exactly you bought the coat? It is exquisite!

  25. Victoria

    Oh my god, that coat is beautiful! Everything from the colour to the tailoring is perfect. I hope you had a lovely time in Paris, can’t wait to see more outfits.