It’s such a joy seeing Hanne Gaby, she proves that it’s no problem taking risks in fashion at all. She is having fun and trying out different things she loves, and she makes it work every time. This time she is rocking my favorite shorts in the whole wide world by Balenciaga, they are cut in a very clever way and are perfect put together with the cropped top.

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79 Responses to “IN PARIS”

  1. michele lau

    I’ve seen this picture on another site and was wondering what designer she was wearing, thanks very much for the info!

  2. bambi

    so gorgeous ! her face is also divine
    that fabulous shorts and magenta outer remind of me the freedom.

  3. Pat

    Beautiful on her, not on a regular person. The shorts would look ridiculous and diaper-like on anyone else. That’s why there are models!

  4. Jenny

    I really like the look, but GOD she must be freezing!! It is way too cold in Paris right now for shorts and cropped tops. I hope she wore an extra jacket that you asked her to take off or something.

  5. Helen

    I gasped when I scrolled down and saw her full outfit! A laissez-faire, space age nun with a wild side and a penchant for rock and roll!! Love it.

  6. charming

    I really like the outfit but…isn´t it a bit ridiculous to wear it one of the coldest months of the year in Paris?? she´s obviously trying to catch the flashes…

  7. Inés

    She is stunning!
    Great picture!

    Have the best weekend!
    Big hugs!

  8. humanityisbeautiful

    i wonder what i would look like in those…my legs are about 20x bigger than Hannes and i love the structure! i love that she takes fashion risks :)))

  9. Clara

    Cool picture! I like the outfit! It is crazy, however she looks cool, but still effortless! Love also the hair and make up, if she has any…..

  10. Katarzyna

    I don’t actually like those shorts, not flattering at all!

  11. Elise

    What an extraordinary outfit! The shorts are too cool and she wears the fun, cropped top with such grace. The bright, pink colour of the cape really makes it all pop. I love how she has so much going on, but she still manages to look pulled together. 🙂

    All in all, just STUNNING!

    xx Elise

  12. Toiaploveroffashion

    I agree Caro! Well said. I have a life like that and am rounder than Hanne.

  13. Stephanie

    Wow…. really surprising!!!


  14. Caro

    Hello Joana Wilson, just because she is very slim does not mean she is unhealthy. She looks like she is eating normal, but is a person that moves around alot during the day. The schedule of models during fashion week is intense (my best friend is one of the big models at the moment) Hanne Gaby does not have a job where she will sit at a desk in an office all day, drive home, make dinner and watch TV until she goes to bed. Don’t judge people.

  15. Joana Wilson

    I like the clothes, but she’s way to thin for me… Not healthy!!

  16. Celina

    What a fantastic picture of her! You are so right about her. She looks divine.