This is what my bag looked like more or less during Paris fashion week. Mulberry Cookie Bayswater bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, Paris Metro tickets, Valentino iPad case, Sandisk memory cards and battery for my Nikon D700, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflafe – SC5, Chanel rouge – 65 Espiègle, Sephora small and large glitter nail polish, Maroccon Argayn oil for face by SPA at Belkin Country Club, Chanel lip balm – Rouge Coco Balm, YSL Mascara, Isadora liquid eyeliner, Iconemesis iPhone case, Notepad from Chateau Marmont, hair clip by H&M, Miu Miu show invite, Miu Miu earrings.

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59 Responses to “IN MY BAG”

  1. caca

    i love that bag so much i know it costs very much..did u get it free?

  2. Voza

    God you’re so organized that I feel my bag is a compost bin. Love everything, specially the Miu Miu Earrings. Couldn’t they be Christopher Kane? I love vichy fabric, so sweet.

  3. julia

    oohhhh my dreambag!!!! so beautiful, wish I had enough money to buy it.. I envy you!

    much love

  4. lindsey

    I love that purse so much! It is gorgeous!!!! I hope that someday I will have a purse like that. A girl can dream 🙂

  5. Marina

    I love it when you do an “In my bag” post! So chic!! But… Weren’t you carrying any money??? 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    Gorgeous bag !!! Invite you to my give away !!!!

  7. Tona

    Love this picture! How did you get your initials on the Valentino ipad case? Lucky you!

  8. Cece

    I want to try your makeup, you always look so fresh. Bayswater like a cookie is what I need in my life.

  9. ChavaFashionAddict

    I want this bag so much! Actually I want your content too. It inspires me to clen up my own bag. I should’ve done it ages ago.

  10. C

    Oh could you tell us what Maroccon Argayn oil for face that is? Like the brand?
    Thank you!!!

  11. Lydia

    Så mye fint! Elsker de små søte blondene på veska, iPad-casen og egentlig alt det andre og .. 😀

    – L

  12. Vilde

    Love it! I use the same liquid eyeliner and lip balm. And I really wants to try that oil for face. Have a happy easter, beautiful!:)