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49 Responses to “IN MILAN”

  1. anonymous

    does anyone else notice that she’s working the nokia brick phone? Not too caught up with having the latest “it” things, it fits with the relaxed and classic feel of her outfit.

  2. Stella kwon

    Figured out that she is a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar korea ^^*

  3. Stella kwon

    She is duch a chic dolly ^^!* sooooo adorable!
    love that yellow chunky knit combination with washed out denim..

  4. rochelle Wang

    makes me want to ditch my iphone and use my old nokia 1100 now 🙂

  5. Jill

    I love the old school look on this! And the colour combo is beautiful!

    And look! She’s also using a “old school” mobile phone. Yay! So refreshing 😉

  6. Feiruse

    I know her! She is a korean elle girl’s editor. Korean girls are so fashionable. I envy her

  7. Aleutie

    Colors are first to be noticed, but the textures – that what makes it really chic. Such a yammy leather, such a soft knit, and then that linen (it is linen, right?) – smooth and rugh at the same time.

  8. littlemissoul

    love the bag, its the epitome of the bag shape in trend this season. who is it by?

  9. andie

    lovely lovely… her haircut reminds me of a young Yoko Ono.
    i dig the chipped nail polish.