I’m in Copenhagen for fashion week, and it has been a lovely experience so far. I could not take my eyes of  Kathrine Friis and her great style, she had such a nice charisma. I love her hat, it reminds me of the Chanel one, only this one is bought at the vintage shop Kongen Klær here in Copnhagen.

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45 Responses to “IN COPENHAGEN”

  1. Ingeborg

    I just thought of the Ralph Lauren campaign with the hats with the long feathers in them, and the sort of horse riding/ cowboy look of it all. And first I thought that her pants were black velvet, witch would give the outfit an entirely different texture.

    Du you ever do velvet?

  2. Englishvers

    Her face is very pretty – but not in an overly glamorous way – it has a soft beauty. I adore that masculine hat – it marries well with the rest of the ensemble.

  3. Yasmin

    What an amazing outfit and I really like her hat. I live in Copenhagen too and you can find the best vintage things in Kongens Klær.

  4. nikol

    She really does. you can see it in the first photo, just the way she walks and hold herself together. She’s got some great style.
    mucho respecto.