I have been longing for summer for so long, and finally I got it here in Coachella – California. It’s so pretty and different here in the desert. And I’m so happy  because I got to do some vintage shopping yesterday, I was shocked as the prizes were from $2 to $7!! All the shops were extremely neat and clean, so if you’re ever in Palm Springs you should try your luck treasure hunting. I’m wearing my cashmere sweater handed down from my mother, Cathrine Hammel shorts, bag and shoes Nina Jarebrink, Selima shades and a vintage Venice tourist scarf.

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49 Responses to “IN COACHELLA!”

  1. Renate

    Åhh, jeg elsker de skoene!! Hadde tenkt å kjøpe de selv, men var for treg dessverre 🙁 Du ser fantastisk ut!

  2. kylie

    I absolutely love Coachella! Just the name is amazing! The scarf on your head really works with dark hair. Everything is so nude until you see your scarf… a burst of color!

  3. Amir

    Norway misses you babe, come visit you!
    Yes, I’m back in Norway for the time being – who knows, possibly “forever”!!

  4. suky

    awesome picture! love the shot and your hairband. so…you probably won´t get bangs again, will you? it looks good like this, very elegant and grown-up :)!

  5. Hal

    Hanneli you’re so beautiful! Good to see a smart, fashion-forward Norwegian blogger who writes well. I am Norwegian-American myself, the only one in a vastly Italian neighborhood in Philadelphia. You’re going on my blogroll .. can’t believe I didn’t discover you before! xo


  6. Laura

    What are you going to do in Palm Springs?
    I was there quite recently, but I really didn’t like the place. There weren’t a lot of young people there, and I don’t knoow I guess I just like European cities better, or then I didn’t find the right places from Palm Springs.

  7. Kazuko

    lovely pic! gorgeous outfit. love the way you wear the scarf. the style goes so well with your shades!