I love this look. She regretted putting it on though because it turned out to be such a warm day yesterday. Kudos to her for not making this headband look hippie, just chic.

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8 Responses to “IN CHANEL”

  1. Christine

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the headband and the cape is amazing. Everytime I see someone wearing a cape like this I’m absolutely enamoured, but I can never bring myself to giving it a try, perhaps I just need more courage to rock the cape.

  2. Eva

    I ave curly hair and I think the headbands don’t look so good on me… any tips on how to wear a headband on curly hair?

  3. Ammu

    Very elegant – this is how I like to wear my headbands – as an ornament in its own right.

  4. pennerad

    so beautiful. the cape is gorgeous. it’ll cool down soon enough. and the headband definitely is not the teeny-bopper cute that’s been all the rage recently.