I couldn’t believe it when I was told I was going to be photographed for US Vogue by Patrick Demarchelier – the same month he shot me for Net-a-porter! Tabitha Simmons brought this incredible dress from Calvin Klein Collection for me to wear. Alice Lane did such a great, subtle makeup on me, and Teddy Charles who was going to do my hair said I was “Vogue ready out of bed” so he didn’t need to touch it. Got to love that! Lovely Lynne Yaeger interviewed me about how I wear my jewelry and what pieces I like. I thought about it and realized I haven’t worn earrings in probably 5 years. The few pieces I do wear are small, mostly bracelets and a necklace here and there. I rarely pile on lots of it at the same time. How you wear your favorite pieces? I’d love to know.

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106 Responses to “I’M SO IN VOGUE!”

  1. Margo Mustert

    You look great, lovely dress also.

    I mostly wear lots of jewelry together,
    sometimes i do wear only one piece of jewelry, but then it has to be one of my best pieces i own.

  2. Derek

    Wow, nice! Don’t recall if you have been on Vogue US before but congrats, you look beautiful as always 😉

    – Derek

  3. Elisabeth

    Gratulerer! You deserve it:)
    I love jewelry! I find it makes my outfits complete. I always wear a simple gold wrist bangle that I have inherited from my mum (I never take it off as it is quite small for me, always causing me extra checks in airport security) and I love to team it with other bracelets like coloured leatherstraps, a jade bangle, a big brass bracelet, plastic ones and so on. And I always wear earrings. I have started wearing more studs and less dangling ones (wich I have heaps of), I guess it’s the Madmen influence. I love necklaces as well, but it’s difficult to team with earrings without it being too much. My daily dilemma…

  4. LatteLisa

    stunning photo, you look absolutely beautiful!

    I’m with you on those earrings, usually I forget those, but I like wearing just a bracelet and my wedding wring, that’s enough.

    Have a great week 😉

  5. Dress For Less

    I can’t believe you were photographed in Vogue! What an honor that must have been and your picture is gorgeous and perfect too! If Vogue asked me to be photographed I would probably fall over in my chair!

  6. Annelie

    Depends on what mood I’m in, sometimes it is all piled on at one and sometime hardly any jewellery at all…

  7. Shaniqua

    Congrats and you absolutely stunning that Calvin Klein dress

    Check out my blog: colormechic-fashion.blogspot.com


  8. María José

    Congrats, Vogue girl! As always, you look stunning, but this time I like the hairstyle au naturel. Last year, I was given a pair of pink gold hoop earrings, and I’ve worn them since then.

  9. Xyryl

    Really stunning as expected from a former model! <3<3<3<3
    By the way, I wear necklace and bracelets. i wear doubles on one hand.

  10. Sandy

    you look incredibly beautiful, natural and sophisticated… I would love to know what makeup they used

    Sandy xxx

  11. RikaMaja

    You have an exceptional sense of aesthetic Hanneli! And you have undoubtedly the finest blog in the blogsphere, and I have loved reading and enjoying your pictures since the beginning. I don’t understand what people see in Scott Schuman and Garance Dore’s blogs, they are good at photographing but their sence of style is terrible. Hanneli you’re my hero!

  12. Elise

    Gongratulations – you are so beautiful and being in Vogue must be such an honor! Speaking of the Net-a-Porter interview, do you know that it says that you’re from Denmark? Anyways, I’m from Denmark, and though I know it’s a mistake, it still makes me proud, haha 🙂

  13. Ulrika

    Wow, congratulations !
    I love the picture, it’s really simple yet beautiful (as is your look, too). Good job.

    I have a new outfit post, come check it out!

  14. annek

    Earrings! Feel undressed without them. My hands are too big to look good with rings. I can wear bracelts for parties, but not for work.

  15. Cecilie

    WOW!! Congrats!! Fantastic your in Vouge! 😀 You’r so so pretty in that picture and love everything about the dress!!! so perfect!
    And love your blog, and love your from Norway, I’m from Denmark 🙂 haha I’m in the love mood, haha..

  16. Anna

    WOW! Du ser fantastisk ut!!! Gratulerer med US Vouge, det er stort! Stå på, du er best. Klem


    Thank you all for sharing with me the way you use your jewelry, I loved reading it! Everyone has their own aesthetic and very specific ways to wear it. <3

    Anna: The October issue that just came out.

    Xx Hanneli

  18. Style Astronaut

    Congratulations!! You look stunning in this picture!
    I don’t wear much jewellry, actually i dont wear any jewellry apart from my earrings. I love how your outfits are always so simple and timeless.

  19. La Perle

    I love this photo of you – so straight forward and honest.

    I really only like to wear pieces of jewelry that have significance for me – whether it be the Omega watch I got for graduation, my grandma’s vintage pieces that keep her close to me, rings I had designed, pieces from vacation. I like the sentimentality of jewelry – it makes it that much more special.

    I also just moved to Paris and I like that everyone here wears less jewelry than in the States. Sometimes there is just too much for the senses.


  20. ania

    well, seems i’m a bit like you… anyway usually i wear small silver earrings, so small that they are almost invisible and permanent thin rainbow bracelet from rome… that would be all. i love jewellery and i like do staffs by myself but when it comes to wearing pieces… it’s another thing 😉

  21. Paolita@BerryHaute

    I just saw your picture yesterday, you are so beautiful, you probably look Vogue ready straight out of bed…..
    Accessories, hum……. not big on them either, been wearing a Virgen de Guadalupe pendant for many years, that’s it.

  22. Willabelle

    Congratulations, you totally deserve it.
    I love piling on rings, bracelets and necklaces appropriately, haha~ 🙂
    You look beautiful by the way! Loving the out-of-bed hair. x

  23. Jay

    The color of that dress is beautiful. I’m kind of tempted to cut my hair your length but I’ve had it long for forever!

  24. Victoria

    I saw this the other day!! I like that you’re not into piling tons of jewelry…it seems like every tries to over accessorize these days to overcompensate and try to appear fashion forward. It reminds me of how Coco Chanel said, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one piece of jewelry off.” Don’t try so hard, ladies, just be yourself!

  25. Maria

    You look beautiful Hanneli! Can’t believe you haven’t worn earrings in 5 years, your accessories always look flawless. I’m the kind of person that has earrings on 24/7. I wear pearl earrings all the time, can’t live with out them.


  26. Sabine

    I love the Rachel Zoe term “excessorize” and that’s just my style I love an arm party a la Man Repeller , a big statement necklace ,Edie Sedgwick fabulousness with huge earring clanging away, and lets not even get started in rings I wear at least two or three to go out of the house.
    but then again it is mainly because I design my own jewelry so part of it is marketing. 😉



    have a good time in Paris!

  27. sara

    contrats!! you look so beautiful and natural. great make-up.
    i dont wear that much jewellery. the only thing i wear all the time is a silver necklace given to me when i was around 6. it has my name engraved.
    besides that i love silver watches and bracelets. the only rule: SILVER.

  28. Audrey Kwon

    I can’t wait to see you in print! You bring such insight into personal style and quiet aesthetics. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog. 🙂

    Most of the time, I’m happy to just have a thin ring on my right ring finger. I don’t like to bring too much attention to my face with earrings (That job should be delegated to my eyes and whatnot). Necklaces, if they’re not long enough, seem to shorten my chest/torso. I do like bracelets, but I’m too in love with the feel of a clean … tapering of the wrists and fingers.


    I love the cuff you are wearing in the photo.

    Usually, I am always wearing a vintage statement necklace…. preferably vintage.

  30. Vibeke

    Wow, how amazing! You look stunning, as always 😉 I’m so proud to be a Norwegian, and you really deserve this. Your style is so cool and inspiring, a bit like Alexa Chung

  31. Andrea

    Great picture, but the ones you have on your website are samely if not more beautiful. As for jewellery: one expensive ring on each hand is my signature style. Earings squeeze too much my ears, necklaces cut my neckline and bracelets around my wrist are inconvenient. However I discovered wearing long necklaces they are quite comfortable.


  32. e.

    you really are like an angel in this picture! so natural and calm! and, of course, so beatiful! congrats!

  33. Hilary

    for me its bracelets bracelets and more bracelets!
    Congrats on your feature in Vogue! I work for Vogue.com and you’re always in our 10 best dressed!


  34. Sonjaimemode

    I have been piling on lots of jewelry just of habit from the Boho chic era a few years ago, your post made me re-evaluate how I pile it on. THANK YOU!!! I don’t want to be stuck just because I get used to something. I will clean my jewelry box today. Merci Hanneli.

  35. beautifulcreatures

    LOVE IT! And I have to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I study every picture for hours and I love looking at them over and over. No blogger is better than you. Thank you for inspiring me.

  36. Gabrielle

    Thank you for being so nice when I asked to take a picture with you. A dream for me come true.

  37. Sally B

    They should have made an entire editorial with you like ELLE UK did. Love this picture, your expression is so pure and kind.

  38. Hannah

    You look STUNNING! The color of the dress is really made for you. How was it to be in a shoot knowing it was going to be in American Vogue? It’s huge and you deserve it cause I read your blog like it’s the bible.

  39. Svetlana

    I love to pile stuff on my neck, but it has to match each other. And if I wear some statement piece, a ring, or a necklace, let it be just one. I used to buy loads of earrings and change them everyday, but now I don’t like them just like you