Sadly I could only pick one winner of the YSL tote, and the winner is Lindsay Ann from Puerto Rico! Congratulations!!! You can try your luck again and see if you win a brand new sparkly bra in size Small,  I’m so sorry to exclude you with bigger bra-size, this was the only one left in the store. I was wearing my own underneath a Acne t-shirt during New York Fashion Week and was snapped by Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil. Just leave your name and email and I will pick a winner in a week. And yes, I will ship wherever in the world.

Update: Many of you have asked me where the braes are from. I bought them at a random store on Broadway, I don’t remember the name. But I do know one reader got a similar bra at Forever21. Good luck!

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  1. Celina

    Love Love Love it! Whould be perfect with all the lace and leather in my closet!

  2. Joana

    There’s nothing new i can’t say that others haven’t said yet..i just will hope you send it to Portugal, cause ive tried all summer to find one like that and i couldnt =/

    Thank you =)

  3. Christine Marie Simonsen Nissen

    OMG I’ve never seen such a STUNNING bra! Pls, Santa (And more importanly, Hanneli:-)) let this be mine!

    Best Wishes,


  4. Johanna

    Saw u in the australian CLOE thought i checked this out. U hav an awesome blog. Love ur photos!

    Johanna Sweden.

  5. Dee Truong

    Simply amazing! Would love to wear this bra with a sheer black tshirt and my high waisted vintage Ungaro skirt for New Years!!!

  6. Lucy

    That is one fantastic bra…if I don’t win, I’ll have to try and DIY one!

  7. hek

    Den er sykt fin. Digget hvordan du stylet den med en hvit kjole på en reise du var på, men kult under toppen på bildet her også. Den har jo uendelige muligheter til å glamme opp så mange antrekk:)

    Og ja, tar den gjerne jeg;) Hilde her.

  8. ANA

    I saw that picture at Jack&Jill,I fall in love with the bra and with your hair style too.Thanks to that picture I discovered your blog!!!
    I´ll have my finger crossed to see if I´m lucky.

    Merry Christmas from Spain


  9. Andra Vilmane


    I think that’s really cool that you make those “contests”.


  10. Fabiola Martinez

    oooHHH!! That bra is amazing!!!
    I could be the the queen of my little city wearing it!!

  11. Elly Savas

    absolutely love your blog
    absolutely love your style
    absolutely love your photography


    love love love the bra!

  12. Linn

    Oh, wow!! I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I saw you wearing it during NYFW!!! Winning this would make my Christmas sparkly, literally! Crossing my fingers!!!

  13. Ásdís Rósa Hafliðadóttir

    The bra is sooo beutiful!
    In Iceland you cant get anything like that 😉

    Ásdís Rósa

  14. Ásdís Rósa Hafliðadóttir

    The bra is sooo beutiful!
    In Iceland you cant get anything like that 😉

  15. Anniina

    This bra is definitely something that would brighten every single dark winter day here in Finland with its shine, even from under all the layers of clothes! Looks incredible under a simple grey tank too !
    Twinkle twinkle,

  16. Maren

    That bra is so pretty! I would probably not look as good as you wearing it, but I would definately wear it with pride.

    Cheers from Norway

  17. Karolin

    I would so love to win this. Even more than the tote!
    I’d like to try out your combination. Sparkling bra and a loose fitting top.

  18. lorena Salmon

    hi reading you from lima peru. i find that bra amazing, love it when i saw your pic in jak and jill. i would really love to have something like that, in my country… only on dreams.

  19. Nora S

    Hey! I am in love with the bra! I am hoping that I will be the lucky one 🙂 My name is Nora S

    Lots of love from Norway! 🙂

  20. Karlotte

    WOW. Den var helt fantastisk! i morgen har jeg bursdag, så den er definitivt høyt oppe på ønskelista!

  21. Johanna

    I totally love this bra! But since i’m a bigger size, i would give it to my best friend as a christmas gift 🙂

  22. Lærke

    Din blog er så dejlig, Hanneli. Endelig noget god ny inspiration. Jeg håber jeg vinder.

    If you don’t understand danish, I’ll write in english:
    Your blog is so lovely, Hanneli. Finally some good inspiration. I hope I’ll win.

  23. Kristiina

    oh Hanneli, you’re so nice for giving out such extravagant gifts! I could never afford such a bra beauty like that but would be one lucky girl if it was my turn to win something, awwwh!

  24. Andrea

    It’s amazing! I fell in love with it, and your whole outfit the first time I saw it on Jak and Jil, ever since I’ve been looking for sometihing similar, without any luck.

    Maybe I’ll have some luck this time..?:)


  25. marina

    Marina from Athens Greece…
    It won’t fit to me (i need bigger size) but i’d love to have it in my closet…

  26. Hanisahh Angullia

    Pick me! Meeee, (waving arms frantically), over hereeeee!!



    How do you pick a winner btw?


  27. punky b

    You look stunning as always… Loving that bra so so much and for once, I’m delighted to fit a size S! 🙂

  28. Alice Kristin

    Haha 🙂 The chances seem very bad, like winning the lottery? But I’ll try, If something can make Norway less grey and cold these days, it must be this. And also, if I could wear this on my upcoming exams, there will be no worries!

  29. Giannina

    Hola Hanneli.. I love your blog and the bra.. A big hug from Costa Rica..

  30. Kaya Michelle

    Jeg hadde hoppet i taket hadde jeg vunnet denne…
    Har faktisk matchende truser…

  31. Michelle Nguyen

    I saw this picture on JakandJil and saved it right away! this is how i actually found your blog =]

  32. Shina

    That is really beautiful. Really hope I win, it would be great after finals week.

  33. Brooke Rose Sanderson

    Im loving the contrast of an extraodinary bra that verges on Moulin Rouge and the casual ever so down to earth Acne singlet. Xx

  34. Pegah Ahmarinejad

    Love the bra and acne!
    I live in stockholm so I live in acne:P the bra would be the perfect thing to wear under my simple t-shirts, love your blog as well btw!


  35. lucinda

    I didn’t realise this was a bra when I first saw it – this is an amazing piece… and I’m the right size 🙂

  36. Mary

    Hi Hanneli,

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a few months now and I have to say that your style is so unique and effortless. I absolutely adore this jeweled bra! I also love the way you wore it. Wish me luck!


  37. Oda Marie Midbøe

    Oda Marie

    Åå, den er sykt fin. Ber til gud om at karma smiler om dagen.