Sadly I could only pick one winner of the YSL tote, and the winner is Lindsay Ann from Puerto Rico! Congratulations!!! You can try your luck again and see if you win a brand new sparkly bra in size Small,  I’m so sorry to exclude you with bigger bra-size, this was the only one left in the store. I was wearing my own underneath a Acne t-shirt during New York Fashion Week and was snapped by Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil. Just leave your name and email and I will pick a winner in a week. And yes, I will ship wherever in the world.

Update: Many of you have asked me where the braes are from. I bought them at a random store on Broadway, I don’t remember the name. But I do know one reader got a similar bra at Forever21. Good luck!

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  1. Dina Raslan

    i live in Saudi Arabia these are impossible to find here :’)

  2. milla

    heime i søvik på nordvest landet e slike vakkre,unike ting utilgjengelig.snille,hjelp ei bondetaus:)
    tusen takk for muligheten,og takk for fantastisk blogg og inspirasjon:) !

  3. flea

    I would love to have this bra! Please tell us a way to have it 🙂 Thank you 😀

  4. Mega-Tron

    My real name’s Mega but I like my nickname 😛

    I didnt know you were a blogger! I thought you were some magazine editor of Russian Vogue or something.

  5. Andrea

    This bra was at Charlotte Russe…

    sadly they are now out of stock (online at least) 🙁

  6. Ellen

    I wouldn’t be surprised if youd already given it away but it would make a greath 18th presents for my mate so finegers crossed.


  7. Eunice

    I would be overjoyed if I could own this pretty bra! They way you wore it is also incredibly lovely.

    Eunice Lanna Wells

  8. farah

    Ms. Mustarparta you are an inspiration! I spent hours looking for that bra, and I did! If anyone is interested, I tracked it down on ebay; the seller is ‘royalgifting’ under the search ‘SPARKLING RHINESTONE SEQUIN BRA’. Thank you again for your photos and amazing style. I look forward to your new pics!

  9. Maren

    Wow… Beautiful! Perfect with your oversized tee.

    Norske klemmer fra Maren 😀

  10. victoria

    hi!its the first time I visit your blog!
    really cool!, I fall in love when I saw this amazing ysl bra how much is it?

  11. Holly

    I think I might be a bit late for this competition but here goes!
    I’m Holly from England 😀
    Best Wishes for 2010
    Holly x

  12. Astrid

    This looks a lot like my Charlotte Russ bra. I’m almost certain it’s the same.

  13. darcy lowe

    im just going to ask one more time

    i would love to own this bra in small size
    thankyou and sorry about clogging up your comment space
    this is now my forth comment
    merraaayy chwistmasss

  14. darcy lowe

    pwetty pwetty pwease
    it makes perfect sense to my booobs
    it is christmas day and nothing would make me happier than to own this beauty
    santa clausy dont know where to pick it up
    help him ouuuutt

  15. Erica Francis

    I’ve seen bras like this before but I appreciate the way you wore it. Normally I see women wearing it under a corsette or a low top and it can come off a bit too trashy. Having it just peek thru a loose tank is definitely sexy but still refined.

  16. Gabriela

    As everyone else does, I would love to have that bra. Anyway lucky will be the girl that gets it and I’m sure all of us will wear it gladly.

  17. anette

    Kjære Julenisse,

    Alt jeg ønsker meg i år er den vakreste bh:-)
    Jeg har vært supersnill i år, så kanskje den kan bli min?

    Tuuuuuuuuuuusen hjertlig takk,
    Peace,love and harmony fra Anette


  18. clo

    OOOHHHH MY GOD i want these! pleaaseee!!! you would make me the happiest person eveerr!! just kidding.. i am already happy! but that bra! is so gorgeous!

  19. Kit

    OMG!!! I saw that picture in JakandJil and I was so mesmerized with how you wore the braaaa! I even made as my wallpaper in my laptop! I am so in love with sequins!! I’m Kit Quan from Manila, Philippines! 🙂

  20. Johanne

    can you at least tell us where you´ve bought this? just LOVE it..


  21. EMILIA!!!!

    OH man , beauties. I think its kinda cool to think ur finnish in some way, and when i first read ur blog i tought how funny ur last name was when u think what it means in finnish “black beard” :)!

  22. Emina

    For et fantatisk design på bh’n, det er som prikken på i’en under en løs singlet eller topp 🙂

    Håper på en sjanse til å vinne^^

  23. Anna Dahl

    I’m Anna and I would be oh so delighted if this was to be mine. Happy holidays.

  24. Meli

    this would look perfect on my sister!
    If I win, I would give it to her, she is lovely!

  25. Sylvia

    oh my gosh that jak and jil photo is amazing!
    i wouldnt want to take that bra from you…but, i spose if i had to…
    xx Sylvia

  26. File Under: Fashion

    AHHH zomg. I’ve been wanting this piece ever since I saw the picture with Hanneli wearing a silver, sequined sparkly bra under a vintage white gauzy dress on the beach. That’s exactly how I’d like to wear this someday on a trip to the Maldives. I can’t imagine anything more glamorous.

  27. Lilja Katrín

    Hello from Iceland. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so great to see a scandinavian model/designer/photographer getting the recognition you are.

  28. evelyn

    i love that bra! where did you get it? hope that you’ll ship this to germany 🙂

  29. Tegan Salter-George

    This is one of those “If you don’t try you can’t win” times.
    c’est belle.
    t x

  30. sooyon

    i wonder if that ‘wherever in the world’ refers to South Korea as well 😉 hey this is the next VOGUE KOREA editor (hopefully) love the bra. first time in my life I thank for a small size!

  31. Anna Edwards

    I saw that photograph on Jak & Jil and loved it right away, now I know that its you who wore it!
    again, I love it.

  32. Anna

    …and in case my e-mail wasn’t included, it’s gr3tch3n at gmail dot com.

  33. Anna

    Two words. Beautiful & Brilliant !

    I would be so so so so so happy if I win !

  34. Jolijn Sterk

    Jolijn Sterk, The Netherlands

    I’d just wear it with dark grey skinnys and and oversized whatever-coloured tanktop.

    and probably make love to it every day (l)___(l)

  35. Liza

    this amazing bra would fit perfectly in my closet..
    i would wear it with nice grey skinnys, a look-through black or white wide shirt, the lovely pistol short boots from Acne and my nude miu miu

    thanks hanneli, i would be very thankful!

  36. Julie Risnes

    Hei! Jeg er en fattig student i Bergen som leser bloggen din fast, og blir stadig “amazed by your beuty” Hanneli! Den brystholderen er noe av det peneste jeg noen gang har sett! Om den ble sendt til gode gamle Norge ville du gi meg den beste julepresangen jeg noen gang kan få 🙂

  37. Catherine Yan

    this might be the only time being a size small up top is a plus 😉

    catherine yan

  38. Kristi


    I see you,
    I see me,
    sparkly bras for both what glee!

    Growing up I wanted bigger breasts,
    Bouncy and big like all the rest,

    Who wants A’s when you can have C’s?
    I would have even traded for B’s,

    Now I love my tiny chest,
    My man loves my ass most and takes the rest!

    I hope I get this fancy of a bra,
    And get to show off my ta-tas!

    Much Love, Kristi

  39. anitan


    Couldn´t find words in the diccionary to describe the bra,they are not enough.

    That bra deserve new words to describe it.

    I simply love it.

    Ana from Madrid


  40. Steingerður Sonja

    I’d kill for this one since there’s probably no way finging anything similar here in Iceland.

    -Steingerður Þórisdóttir

    P.s. Your haircut is ace and making me seriously consider going for the chop. Let’s just hope i won’t get a bad case of the regrets 🙂

  41. Ellen

    Den var kjempekul! Vil absolutt vinne den 🙂
    Perfekt eksamensgave til meg selv!

  42. Lola Olberding

    Lola Olberding

    I love it! It adds such an unexpected piece of glamor to any outfit!

  43. bella trex

    I think every one wants that bra

    very lady gaga

    Australia salutes you: salutations!