I love Todd Selby! His pictures are amazing and he picks the coolest and most inspiring places and people to photograph. I was lucky enough to get one of his books that he signed. So again in the spirit of the holidays I will give this to one lucky winner, just leave your name and email within a week (i will see the email that you leave with your name so no need to put it in the actual comment field as that might give you spam). And yup, I will ship it wherever in the world. Good luck!

Congratulations Claire Sim from Australia who won the sparkly bra!

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  1. emma

    Hi Hanneli,

    I went to a job interview in Sthlm yesterday and I am hoping that I got it. If I did well then I would really need some inspiration for my new home. The Selby would be perfect!

  2. Anna

    I love the book cover already and would love to get to know his work. Best wishes from Finland!

  3. victoria

    New job, new city, new country, all alone. A lovely artpiece would shine up my lonely day. Thanks for a sweet blog.

  4. Mao


    Please Please Please!!
    Am praying real hard, might be going over board with it…..


  5. Martine Emilie

    I love the way a picture can capture a moment, and make it last forever.

  6. BEATE

    OH! ØVERST PÅ ØNSKELISTEN MIN I ÅR STÅR DET JO FOTOBØKER!! Men tror dog ikke at mamma og pappa helt skjønner hvor de skal kjøpe en fotobok av Richard Avedon eller andre navn de ikke har snøring på.. puuh.

    Ah. jeg hadde blitt så glad.

  7. Riccardo

    Todd Selby just shot photographer Dan Martensen who I worked with not too long ago. I thought it was Selby’s best yet!

  8. Marianne Bjørn Jørgensen

    I love the Selby, and i love Paris! I would love to love this book!!

  9. heleen

    oh waw, I think I’d even prefer this over any sparkly garment! (no… wait, that might an exaggeration, but I love The Selby so I’ll undoubtly love this book, too)

  10. malin

    always been a fan of Todd! His site is one of the most inspiring out there. I will just cross my fingers and hoping to be the lucky winner.

  11. Christian

    Pretty please!
    Jeg digger The Selby! Har ikke vært innom nettsiden på en stund, så takk for påminnelsen oxo! 😀

  12. Frederikke Rahbek Thuesen

    Uuuh, i would love to be the owner of this book! I hope I will be.


  13. Mosey

    That would make a really nice christmas present! 🙂

    I really hope I can win it!

  14. Kristina

    Da prøver jeg lykken for en tredje gang 😀 hehe… Boken virker kjempekul.
    Elsker bloggen din forresten, er her inne nesten hver dag.

    Ha en fantastisk jul!

  15. kirby

    I want to live someplace worthy of the selby one day though I’m not sure yet whether I will stay in Australia to do so

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Roxana

    you know what they say, third time is the charm. i didn’t win the tote, i didn’t win the bra, but i’m still hoping…:) you’re just awesome to make this kind of gifts and we really appreciate that.

  17. Amina

    waooh I really, really like the selby’s website…to have it in book form would be amazing!
    much love from the middle east,

  18. Lena

    Så gøy. Kanskje jeg vinner denne gangen? Uansett så har du så fine konkuranser. Digger bloggen din 🙂

  19. mae

    i would love to have a copy of his book.

    mae patawaran

    we love you hanneli all the way to philippines (:

  20. Chris

    I’m in dire need of decorating my new apt so I’m on a selby high from all the time spent on the website ha

  21. Connie

    please please please! i adore todd selby’s photography. through his lens, everyday objects have so much life to them!

  22. celeste jones

    Celeste Jones

    being highly depressed since my father past art is the only thing that seems to make me happy. I would truly appreciate this book.
    with all honesty

  23. Laura

    Fantastic competition! I’ve been meaning to buy this book but can’t find it anywhere in Australia. I was going to order it online but now …


  24. Emily

    getting that book in the mail would be the best holiday present i could receive. it’s unfathomably nice of you to be giving such nice things away.

  25. brigitte

    it’s my best friend’s birthday next month, and she just loves his work, and i want to get it for her, but they don’t stock it where we live. so this would be my only chance to get it!

  26. Christine

    I mean, I guess I mean eye candy porn. Porn is visual porn. And I meant “visual” not “vidual”. Although “vidual” makes me think of victual, and I suppose the selby is also victuals for the eyes.


  27. Ayalah

    Love what he’s done with The Selby project. Seeing creative people in their own spaces makes for a great portrait and all the collaborations he’s been able to make with and because of the project are impressive and inspiring!

  28. Maija

    I really should use my money on rent and not books, not even books that awesome. So, here’s hoping.

  29. Tiia

    I want this book. I need this book. The Selby is an endless pit of inspiration and so is Paris. The perfect combo that is.

  30. Nathalie Wik Lystad

    Den vil jeg veldig gjerne ha =)
    Ikke for å smiske, men for en fantastisk blogg du har! Absolutt en favoritt! Du har sansen for det originale, og det liker jeg. God jul fra Norge

  31. Yasmin Mitchell

    Love your site, love the selby… & this would make a wonderful christmas present for someone i know. xxx

  32. Christina

    Christina. Åh, den må jeg ha. Med min flaks vinner jeg ikke uansett, men hvor får jeg kjøpt den??

  33. Petra

    Hi. I really really like you blog and funnily enough learned about Selby just earlier today!

  34. Jayne Scalisi

    Hi Hanneli,

    I photographed you in Soho two weeks ago!!! I’m the photographer from StyleCaster!! Your picture should be up soon, probably within the next month. You looked great!! And I love love love your sheepskin jacket. I want it!! PS- I love Todd Selby too!! Wish me luck in this contest!


  35. Leyla

    Jeg føler at jeg trenger litt inspirasjon i hverdagen, og den boken kan være akkurat det jeg trenger:)

  36. laura

    looks interesting.
    unlike anything we have here in New-Zealand
    would love to win it!


  37. Hazel

    His site is always an inspiring place to visit, so I’d love to win that book! 🙂 The cover looks sweeet!