I love the subtle mint color of my Miu Miu collar, in fact I wish they’d make an entire dress in this color. But hey, the collar is just as good. And these pants that I just got from Screaming Mimi’s – I’m not sure where to start! They are fabulously high waisted, the fabric is beautiful and thick, and the best part is that they stop right above my ankle. All this worn with a Ralph Lauren kable knit.

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121 Responses to “I LOVE MIU MIU”

  1. prutha

    this is hands down the best styled outfit of yours i have seen… i cannot get over the pants!!! u shud wear them everyday!!! everyday i say!!!

    the collar too andthe sweater…perfection!!1 im actually excited about this outfit… lovely hanneli

  2. Styleabaad

    These are the most gorgeous pants I’ve ever seen – love everything about them – the rich color, the pattern and think fabric – lucky you!!

  3. michelle

    You look so like a doll or a mannequin in this pic,… but in a good way!

  4. Carolina

    Jag säger som alla andra :Du ser helt FANTASTISK ut på den här bilden. Älskar den kragen från Miu Miu….och din blogg är så inspirerande 🙂


  5. Kenza

    The pants are nice but I could never make them look good on me, and you do !
    It’s incredible ! You are lucky to have this many people coming to your blog !
    You really are a source of fashion inspiration!

  6. Elena

    And Miu Miu loves you.
    Seriously. That collar. Omg.
    AND your make up is gorgeous and so perfectly complements the outfit.
    I bought a rocking pair of trousers for which you have totally given me inspiration as to how to wear them in a way other than I usually do. Thank you so much!!

  7. dooriya

    I thought it was a brand’s lookbook before.
    Very special style!
    I luv it & i luv miu miu ,too.
    P.S. I can’t learn English very good,so……

  8. mimi

    I think I wouldn’t wear these pants but you definately can pull them off. They look amazing you and the sweater makes a great break.

  9. NathalieEvelynn

    And do you know what I love (besides the miu miu collar !!)? Your entire outfit and I do love your hair, thinking I should have an exact same haircut myself… Anyways, your updates rock!

    xx nath

  10. Downtowner

    Hey, congratulations on being named one of the fashionistas to watch in the special “Best Dressed” edition of Vogue! Now everyone knows what we’ve known all along – you’re a super-style star!

  11. ps

    holy crap!!! you look amazing.

    you exude warmth, sophistication, quirkiness, an incredible innate sense of style.

  12. Downtowner

    That collar is great – I would never have thought to pair mint green with mustard but it totally works and looks very fresh. You look like you should be hanging out in a ski lodge in Gstaad with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, circa 1964!

  13. Suzanne

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  14. Catherine

    Gorgeous~ I love the color of the Miu Miu collar as well, and you’ve matched it fantastically with those pants and that sweater. I love your street style photographs, but it’s also nice to get glimpses of your outfits! 😉

  15. Estranged

    Each part of your outfit is fabulous, but put together it’s an overkill for me. Just too much going on at the same time.

  16. Milijana

    Finally beauty 🙂 Ive been looking forward to see one of your looks. Always fun to see how you put things together. This look looks very good on you.

  17. sara

    your outfit is fabulous! the collar is really great! but i think the best part of your look are the pants!they are incredible, i love them, amazing both shape and color!

  18. Amanda

    You look beautiful! That Ralph Lauren cable knit is my favourite. I’m thinking cable knit is catching on as a trend..

  19. Astrid Romero

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE that collar… is it this season?????? You look great…


  20. Kim

    You’ve got such great style! I love how you’ve put together such individual pieces, and brought them to life…

  21. sayablack

    Amazing outfit!!!
    Miu miu collor is sooo cute.
    and I adore the combination of your knit and pants<3

    *sayablack from TOKYO*

  22. Bess

    The pants are gorgeous. But the collar looks like a medical condition, unfortunately.

  23. Christy

    Hanneli! How do you come up with all your incredible ideas? This is beyond inspiring and you look stunning!