Tara has such inspiring style, she can be girly one day and tomboy the other day. I have never understood people who says “No, this dress is not me” while shopping. I say “Try it on and you might be surprised”. Tara found the dress at the last ever sale of PHI (RIP) and it had been just hanging there, everyone had been passing it. I love that it’s romantic and strong at the same time. Her hair is so great too! New York has been so humid, hair just gets big and frizzy. But this hairdo is humid-proof, it will just get better and better throughout the day.

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34 Responses to “HUMID PROOF”

  1. Andrea

    I can say for sure this dress is not for me! Send me bare backed into the humidity and I’m paralyzed for the next few days!!! Fashion thinks a lot in terms of prettiness, not practicality. This is why we have closets full of things we don’t wear…

  2. anna

    what is her whole name? have a blog or something? så stylish

  3. jeannie

    gorgeous – this is the same phi dress on jak and jil in the wardrobe of tara vasev… loveeeee

  4. Kelly Frances

    what a great motto, you do have to try it on.. always!! she looks very fresh and i feel the touch of romantic!


  5. The Photodiarist

    Beautiful dress and girl. I didn’t know that PHI passed away into the annals of cool but no longer soho shops. Sad. I just went to All Saints Spitalfields on Sunday. Awesome. I am sure you know it already!

  6. tnt

    What you wrote made me think of my mother, she’s always asking me to try things on and I always reply something on the line of ‘it’s not my style’ to which she undoubtedly will reply ‘you don’t know until you try it on!.’
    Still, the items usually doesn’t work on me (perhaps you just have different tastes), although the occasions where I finally desisted to say no, I did get surprised (1 out of a 100 times though)

  7. hannah

    love every single picture of this blog.
    beautiful, inspiring, faszinating.
    Thank you, Hanneli Mustaparta.