So I definitely have a tiny obsession with the sailors that has been all over New York last week, and who can blame me? Their uniforms must be my all time favorite uniform, it photographs so well and I feel like I went into a time capsule to a different time. I shot this with my analog Nikon FM camera on black & white film. It was their last day in town, and as sailors do they asked me for my phone number. They got a picture with me instead, great deal!

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5 Responses to “HOT SAILORS”

  1. naiad

    this photo utterly reminds me of a sex and the city episode, called “anchors away”. great photo!!!!

  2. Alex CT

    Wow, I just found your blog – your pictures are stunning and your outfits are divine.

  3. Modediktat

    A picture with you is a very great deal!!
    So I guess they left the place totally happy!
    I love this picture very much! Time-warp!
    So it was Fleet Week in NYC? 🙂
    Have you seen “On the town” with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra ever? It’s a lovely fun movie.
    xoxo, Sofie