Gripp jeans pre fall collection is pretty amazing. I love the pants with open knees and the last dress is my absolute favorite. The styling is cool, but almost to authentic to the 80’s, I’d like to see clothes from that era in a new way that feels more like our time . By the way, I’m very sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but it’s freezzzning in Norway at the moment like -17C / 1,4F, and the weather reports says winds from Sibir (WOW) is coming in and it’s expected to be -40C /-36F next week. I’m just enjoying staying inside trying to keep warm. If you are lucky enough to live around the equator please send me some warm thoughts.

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24 Responses to “HOT! AND A LITTLE COLD…”

  1. Bia

    I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) its so hot here (+40) and the beachs are so crowd. Iloved the Photos.

  2. Stephanie

    Haha I was going to say the same thing about the styling…the only turnoff for me, but then I read further! You’re one step ahead of me which is why I love your blog/style 😉

  3. Heba


    Amazing blog. Sorry to hear about the weather. Sending you lots of warm sunshine from Cairo, Egypt. Xx

  4. bj

    That dress would look fantastic on you!

    I live right above the equator, it’s really hot right now (around 32°C) when it’s the time we get some cool breezes. Times are changing.

  5. Ann Kathrin

    In Germany we have -15° Celsius at the moment and I feel like I’m dieing because of the cold. I don’t know how you’ll survive the -40° but I wish you good luck!

  6. Samantha

    Melbourne is sunny and warm! I’m not bragging, it will be too hot to wear a whole outfit any, just bikinis.
    LOVE the denim jacket with the short black bustier underneath. I miss showing off my midriff. I dont care that i’m not 19 any more, i’m doing it!

  7. Rachel

    That’s a Gripp Jeans collection? Impressive!!
    I don’t live near the equator, but I am in Australia and it’s freaking boiling here!!! There’s a storm brewing, so it’s really humid – you can’t walk outside without sweating through your clothes, hair, make-up… So we’re not much better off down here! (Until the storm comes at least!)

  8. Satsuki

    What first came into mind seeing these pictures was 80’s Madonna..

    Which makes me love them even more 🙂

  9. Sabine

    Yes, warm thoughts to you! Now I think I’m a real wimp complaining about zero degrees. The Gripp collection is hot – perhaps a bit too 80s for me, but the 2nd one is very cool! Sabine x

  10. Linn

    Sminken. Håret. Outfiten. Dette kan vi like! Det første og siste bildet syns jeg er helt fantastiske!

    “Varme” tanker kommer fra kalde vinter-Bergen!

  11. Pjjjj

    love all the looks.
    I love the denim/leather thing going on in the third picture! As well as the cut off knee and the whole cut-out theme going on in the second picture. Beautiful work on the dress in the last picture.

  12. kurarin

    Happy New Year! I’m a long time lurker because I never have anything good to say. But I do live around the equator… I miss your outfit posts, but I do hope you are keeping warm!

  13. Roxana

    well, I live in Romania and it’s cold here too (-10 degrees celsium) but I have only warm thoughts for you, dear Hanneli! looking forward for new outfit posts. meanwhile, i’m re-checking the old ones! xoxo