Thank you everyone at H&M and Baracuda who gave me the opportunity to come to Stockholm and do this styling session with the Spring/Summer 11 collection. The collection has so many fun and cool pieces which made it hard to make a final choice of the looks. Thank you Saga who not only has a really cool name but were a blast to play doll with. Update:I’m wearing a dress I bought on ebay for $12 and my nail polish is by BTouch, boots by Whyred.

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  1. Charlotte :)

    All these looks are gorgeous hanneli! well done:) you seem like such a lovely person!

  2. Bekkestua :)

    Liker bloggen din veldig godt! Og du har utrolig kul stil:-) Skulle ønske at jeg hadde kroppen til å ha på meg liknende klær! Sitter ikke like flatterende på en størrelse 40 dessverre:-P

    Men du er nydelig da!

  3. MDL

    the dress you are wearing is so nice, and all the outfits are very unique and different! you have a very nice accent! what a pretty voice

  4. Megu

    You did a great job! The only thing is that you are so much more lively and fun to watch than the model 😉

  5. Lili

    Great styling!
    I have a question, can I find the denim/hoodie in H&M stores now or do they come in later this spring?


  6. Anna

    Den jakken med hette var dritkul!! Først tenkte jeg liksom sånn: den var kjempeharry, men nå! OMG, jeg har skikkelig lyst på den:) Jeg gleder meg til den kommer i butikkene.

  7. Talia

    All your outfits were amazing. So original and feminine. And I have to say that your smile is just adorable 😉

  8. Jojo

    heeey, i love your blog hanneli!

    visit mine 🙂 im a 15 year old girl from sweden, writing about fashion


  9. Anne-Sophie

    Love those outfits ! Especially the 1st and the 2nd one.
    Hanneli your look is so great, i love the details : flashy nailpolish and socks. You seem very sweet and you look beautiful.
    I enjoy reading your blog regulary.

  10. lala

    Ur so cute, and ur accent is even cuter 🙂

    Vet du om de tighstene er å finne i butikken nå (i norge)?

    Kjempe bra styling 😀

  11. amber

    I love the first look! I’m not a model and I love a chocolate croissant so I might go with dark denim instead of the light blue! The bikini top under the button down is a great idea! I’m going to incorporate that idea this summer!

    Do more of this!!

  12. fancypants

    You have the most adorable accent and the hottest legs, Hanneli!

    I think your el-budget ebay dress is lovely. A great find. However, I have to admit, the clothes (that you were styling) are supremely scary to someone like myself who in no possible stretch of the imagination resembles a catwalk model!

    Lovely to see you in live action. Hope the gigs keep coming your way!

  13. Assem

    Aaaah, Hanneli! You are so charming!!! I really liked your looks. I’m deffenetly gonna try one of them in spring!!!!)))))))))

  14. Jennie

    Wow. Hanneli, you are a genius! I would love to meet you. You are so adorable and sweet. The model is beautiful, but I wish she would talk more.

  15. Catita

    you are the sweeties ever! Always on your pictures you look lovely but on video you are exquisite. Great looks, can’t wait for all these clothes to come out and great steal on ebay!!

  16. luca

    you are lovely ! i like how you smile everytime she leaves to try something on. and you’re styling is perfect.

  17. Zsófi

    I love the outfits! You have a great taste and you’re so cute in this video!:) It was nice to hear your voice.:)
    kisses from Hungary:)

  18. S.P

    Your styling was great. I need to get the powder blue flared trousers asap. I recently did a shoot, and I too used the high waisted shorts-they look amazing. I wish I could wear them myself.

  19. Ana

    Hanneli i don’t knooooow… just, just ADOPT me .)) i promise i’ll behave hihihihihi

  20. Cristiana Nunes

    Loved your choices, especially the first two looks you’ve picked out! The blue pants are amazing and so is the jumpsuit and the blouse (on the last outfit)! Loved it!

  21. Laura

    It’s so nice to hear your voice, it’s so pretty! I love your styling skills this was such a fun video to watch!

  22. Peter Berries

    It´s been a long time since I first saw you site. Apart from your remarkable skill to create original and cool looks with “normal” clothes (you know what I mean), I fell in love with your face features, your fantastic and athletic body and your sweet voice. I really appreciate your talent. It has to be a pleasure having a little chatting time with you.

    CONGRATS, you´ve became an icon.

  23. Max

    Kommer alle disse plaggene i h&m butikker i Norge? kjempekul styling forresten!

  24. Mathilde

    Now, this was amazing. You have such a great eye for matching different types of styles and items, and you seem incredibly genuine. I love your personality.