There is something very flattering for a woman’s body wearing high waisted. The silhouette looks “right” in a way and makes the legs look longer, and who doesn’t want that? I have been wanting shorts just like this for ages, striped and high waisted denim shorts. And have been keeping my eyes open in vintage shops – but no luck yet. Her shoes are made of crochet, super nice but I wouldn’t wear them to much in the sun as that will make a very fun pattern.

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36 Responses to “HIGH WAISTED SHORTS”

  1. India Rose

    I understand this may be a little late but Topshop have some high waisted striped shorts almost identical to this. Maybe a little more hotpant-like

  2. Jenna

    out of everything i saw a chella
    this has to be my favorite outfit.
    her shoes are from Urban Outfitters.


  3. Lillie Jandrain

    the high wasted shorts im wearing in this pic are from the rosebowl in passadena!!! thanks for all the lovely comments!!!

  4. Amalie

    Love those shorts!
    wonderful. Even though they would leave one hell of a line if you wear them too much i the sun 🙂


  5. i love

    Hei, elsker bloggen din! Må være en av mine store favoritter. Elsker shortsen!! 🙂 Jeg startet en blogg i… går! Hadde blitt glad om du ville stikke inom, også lurte jeg på om jeg hadde stjålet et bilde av deg?? Husker ikke hvor jeg fant det henne. http://iifashion.blogspot.com/ Den jenten? Er det du som har tatt?

  6. Sarah

    this is the perfect boho outfit! I’ve been looking for some similar shorts too- i’d quite like a pink candy stripe though…!
    Beautiful photography as always!! xxx

  7. Josephine

    such a lovely look!! perfect for summer. And the photo is amazing, how do you make her the focus and the rest of the picture blurry? love it!

  8. LH

    wow, she loooks truly stunnding ! love thesimple colors andthe shots ofc.

  9. KohCo

    Oh wow just a divine look. The hat and top are really quite sweet and adorable as well. But as you said…the shorts really do make the piece. I’m now tempted to drag out my high waisted 18th Amendments from like 2 years ago. But I have to wait for summer.

    Love it all the same


  10. The Photodiarist

    Hmm. It depends. When you have long legs and a short waist, this look doesn’t work. It shortens your upper body even more and makes your boobs look like they are on your waist. Then, adding length to already long legs makes you look a bit like an arachnid (if it only had two legs). Do you not agree?

  11. Lillie Jandrain

    “I wouldn’t wear them to much in the sun as that will make a very fun pattern.”

    good thing i dont tan easily!

  12. Paige

    I almost bought a pair of identical shorts at a thrift store last week, but they were a little big. Very cute!

  13. Catherine

    Ahhhh this is the perfect summer outfit. Look at the little flower buds on her necklace! Do you by any chance have a closeup of her shoes? They look great!

    Good luck on the hunt for shorts – hers are wonderful!

  14. Glamour

    Love everything high waisted… and not that I dress for men but I always wonder if they think it looks good too!! What do you think?



  15. Caddy

    I noticed her shoes right away, pretty cool that they’re crocheted though I do agree with you on the funky tan lines. 🙂

    I do like the laid back vibe of her outfit, the red brimmed straw hat really adds to that. 🙂