I love these shorts and boots from Guilty Brotherhood, I paired them with the Alexander Wang bra and the best denim shirt ever from Ralph Lauren. Both rings are vintage.

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90 Responses to “HIGH CUT SHORTS”

  1. Trine

    Så dette med en gang du la det ut. Og tok en ny kikk nå siden du linket. Dette antrekket er så utrolig kult! Har lyst på alt. Elsker alle plaggene. Som andre har nesnt ser det litt superhelt ut. Morsomt og hot!

  2. the beso team

    Great outfit. I wish I had the confidence to wear those shorts.
    I love your blog and enjoy reading your daily posts.

  3. Mari

    Du er helt klart Norges best kledde! Elsker bloggen din, men vil gjerne se mer av dine antrekk 🙂

  4. Kawai

    I’m just penning a Guilty Brotherhood article! It’ll be up soon. At the same time, wuvlie styling! Looking absolutely fit!

    Kawai xx
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  5. Lisa

    Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t think that outfit would work if I saw it on paper – but woman, you rock that shorts-jeans shirt-boots combo!

  6. Ani

    I love the outfit but those boots i dont know… kind of slutty, anyway you are gorgeous!

  7. Rachel

    Love the sorts but loving the crop-top bra and open, tucked-in shirt element even more!

  8. royal

    This is hot. Any other shirt of a darker color would make this outfit look like a hooker or goth. You really know how to keep an ultra sexy look classy.

  9. agnes

    wow, crazy cool! lucky you didn’t got snatched off the street! fierce lady… hehe

  10. Manuela

    You are so pretty but these shorts have to be worn very very casually Kate Moss or Siena Miller-style. The boots have to go. Even you, looking fresh and gorgeous…one risky item per outfit…sorry I know this sounds so French:)

  11. Georgina

    The whole outfit looks great! It makes me think of some kind of urban worrier.

    Love G.,

  12. Daphne

    Wow! I’m surprised there wasn’t a car accident in that intersection! You look unbelievable!

  13. koko

    I love leather + denim in general, but this is a superlative example. I like how you managed to avoid an all-out dominatrix vibe with the sporty bra and denim shirt.

    Of course it is the most perfect denim shirt, no one does classic Americana better than Ralph Lauren!

  14. Kelly Frances

    i LOVE the shorts… the bottom fabric make them!
    those are great over the knee boots, great picture <3


  15. i love

    wao, det var ekstremt kult! du må være den stiligste, flotteste, peneste damen norge har å tilby!

    xxx fra iifashion.blogspot.com
    xxx fra iifashion.blogspot.com

  16. Lisa

    you look absolutely stunning; this combination could easily look cheap, but you make it work!