I just visited the Helmut Lang store in Meatpacking here in New York and I found so many great things. The fit of the Helmut Lang shorts is amazing, and  love the tiny shoulder pads on the jersey jacket (also HL). I’m also wearing Acne “Agate” shoes, my favorite white old t-shirt from H&M and Mulberry Alexa bag (small).

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  1. Hans


    This is beyond fabulous!

    Sees i Oslo til sommer’n:)


  2. jennie

    why do socks and heels look great on other gals but silly on me? maybe because i still look 12 yeard old? love the outfit.

  3. Trine

    Hei Hanneli ;=)

    Du ser bare fantastisk ut !!!
    Så utrolig bra du gjør det ;=) Spennende og følge deg.

    Klem Trine

  4. Emilia

    Hi hanneli! What kind is the fit in the shorts? I mailed shopbop and they said you should size down in those shorts, so i was wondering what size do you have in those? And did you size down? I wish i didn´t have to buy the shorts all the way to finland and then put them on and they will just drop off. Thnx anyway! Love them more on you…!


    Thanks for all your sweet comments! I’m so happy I can inspire, and perhaps make it easier to plan a summer wardrobe.

    Tusen takk for alle de koselig kommentarene! Det at jeg kan inspirere og kanskje gjøre det enklere å planlegge sommergarderoben er helt utrolig moro.

    Xx Hanneli

  6. Ingvild

    Perfekt antrekk, elsker det. Akkurat nå fikk jeg utrolig lyst til å ta på meg shorts, men med snøstorm i Trondheim er det vel egentlig ikke noe alternativ. Dessuten så er jeg russ, og da er det stor rød bukse og hatt som gjelder.
    Misunnelig på deg! Utrolig bra blogg, elsker bildene du tar:D

  7. Madame M

    You look is really great. I also think you should receive an award to manage to walk with these thin and high heels

  8. fashionfraggle

    åå nydelig! elsket komboen med de hvite sokkene inni skoene dine! Leste foresten en kjempe fin artikkel om deg i Nylon, takk for gode tips om hvor man burde shoppe (bla i oslo)

  9. Eva

    Hi Hanneli!
    I’m so inspired by the way you dress, make pictures and your vision at fashion. I can see and feel how much you love and enjoy it.
    I’m a fashion stylist but I’m just getting started. It’s so much hard work but when I look at your blog it makes me feel so passionate about it again. Thank you!
    Love from Eva (From Holland)

  10. marit

    årh, du kler deg så fint 🙂 har savnet mer bilder av deg her på bloggen!

  11. KohCo

    Ah you’re making me totally miss Summer…
    I am absolutely adoring the shorts. They are far too cute.
    If only I had legs like yours to carry them off 🙁 Sniffle.
    Ah well…at least its Winter over here so it doesn’t really make a difference at the moment


  12. Sarah

    you are stunning! This outfit is perfection- shorts are totally the way to go this summer-i have so many!
    love the acnes too! xx

  13. Lenka

    wow, you look great!! I can’t stop watching the pic, so sophisticated and relaxed as well:)

  14. Lena

    Nydelig! Shortsene ser ut til å passe veldig bra ja. Likte strukturen til jakka godt.

  15. Catherine

    I am absolutely in love with this look! I only wear shorts to workout, but this outfit makes me want to give it a try this summer. I’ll definitely be heading over to Helmut Lang this weekend. I’m also loving the white shoes with the socks— so cute! You really know how to rock the correct proportions.

    – Catherine at Littlehouse of Style