I just got these biker shorts at Topshop and they are perfectly high waisted, sweater from HOPE, jacket from Helmut Lang, bag Mulberry, boots Rag & Bone and the stripe in my parting is liquid eyeliner from MAC.

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  1. marit

    nydelig :) så deg på forsiden av ELLE, og da måtte jeg jo bare kjøpe det! digger stilen din 😉


    Thank you everyone for your kind and sweet comments! <3

    Nicole: I’m Norwegian and grew up in Norway, but both my name and family-name is Finnish. My father’s great grandfather emigrated from north of Finland to the north of Norway way back and settled there. I have no connection to Finland apart from that. But I gave been to Helsinki and it’s a beautiful city. Thank for your kind words!


  3. nicole

    Uhh now I’m confused… I’ve always thought you were Norwegian? But then I noticed you’re name, Hanneli Mustaparta, like Hanneli Blackbeard translated from finnish? Or do you have like a Finnish dad and Norwegian mum or something? But anyway I love your outfit, you rock! Hugs/Klemmer/Haleja

  4. iben

    Du gjør alltid ting som ingen andre har tenkt på, utrolig inspirerende! Kjempestilig med den stripen!

  5. Dana

    ha wowow. but… seriously – you are pretty freaking cool. (I really sound like a complete nerd saying that but…) it’s really mind blowing – so so great and fresh and inspiring. and so gorgeous too!

  6. Gabriela

    watching latest fashion shows I’ve been wondering:” do they really want us to paint our headlines, to treat it like a makeup trend , or we should treat it just like an artistic concept?” but you totally did it hanneli and I have to admitt you look amazing, not sure if many heads can wear it but still…

  7. Dena

    I love the idea of liquid eyeliner in your parting, it’s amazing look and something I never thought of. Love his look.

  8. Kristin

    Hei Hanneli!

    Morsomt å møte på deg i dag mellom alle de gale shopperene! Bildet av deg ligger ute på bloggen nå, så ta en titt og godkjen om du har lyst! Bildet ble ikke det beste jeg har tatt med tanke på lys og fokus, men sånn går det vel noen ganger!


  9. Estranged

    I wish I could see the outfit more clearly, for on this picture all things black seem to merge. Anyway, seems a very urban chic one.

  10. Camilla

    Hii Hanneli!
    Thank you for a wonderful page! I LOVE your sense and style.

    I really love your page!
    Thank you for FANTASIC style and thought and feeling you have!

    If you have time to look at me & my boyfriend sight.

    Have a nice day!
    Best regards
    Tales from us


  11. julie photo art

    Hei, veldig inspirerende bilder av modellenes casual wear, de mikser ofte best av alle synes jeg + screaming mimis buksene dine er jo helt rå. tenkte at du trengte en norsk kommentar her også!! vi følger litt med her oppe på berget også da vettu – fotokunst er min pasjon, ta gjerne en titt! xx julie

  12. fancypants

    What a novel way to bring colour to your outfit! It reminds me of the red vermillion stripe that hindu women wear to signify their marital status- is that where your inspiration came from?

  13. Marianne

    aah stripen i hårskillet la jeg ikke merke til før jeg leste teksten 😉 så fint!! Finere enn den svarte til Chanel. Likte også sykkelshortsene, fint at du brukte dem til et ellers stramt antrekk.

  14. ulrika

    What a beautiful photo! Really, you have a wonderful feeling for colour and shape.

  15. march

    excellent idea with the biker shorts! i have just a solid black pair but never thought to wear tights under them for winter….you have amaaaaaaaaaazing style hanneli


  16. Tassos Pasalis

    What a fine, chic, elegant yet simple look! I love your jacket and the blue stripe. I wish I could see your boots better though.
    Really stylish! Brava!

  17. Noora,Finland

    such a great idea to use eyeliner in your parting, just wow!
    olet kaunis! terveisiä suomesta :)