I got to pick out my three favorite pieces from the first D&G jewelery collection to photograph and style them the way I would wear them. You can read what I said about each piece here.


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66 Responses to “HANNELI + D&G”

  1. Mary

    Haha! at first i thought where do i know her when come to your blog!Now i see)
    To be honest i don”t like d&g jewelty but i like styling of campaign and your face and the colours!so really happy I found you here! Following)


  2. Carolinas Couture

    Wow, the photos look great and so does the jewellery. Keep doing what you’re doing because your climbing higher and higher on that fashion ladder 😉

  3. Sally

    I’m particularly loving your sweater-styled looks! The jewelry is gorgeous — I’m getting a sometimes whimsical/romantic, sometimes thoroughly boho vibe. Well done!

  4. Eva

    Those are such great pieces! I really love the earrings in the first picture!
    Really great blog!

    xoxo Eva @ TheLaceFiles.blogspot.com

  5. Kelcie

    I appreciate and am so happy for you that you’re being featured in lots of magazines and other websites now, but isn’t the point of the blog to showcase what you’re wearing and the great clothes you see others in?