Kat Hessen killing it with her 90’s vibe outfit, and she makes it look like she has never wore anything else. Very, very cool!

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43 Responses to “GRUNGY”

  1. Sigrid

    The stuff in her hair is from the Alexander Wang show. She was nr. 2 out. Love the black jeans with the light jacket. Looks truly effortless.

  2. Kati

    Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful, just can’t stop staring at them.

  3. TMWOF

    nice! yesterday i saw a shirt in ZARA, about you it was white with a pic and letters in dark which say Hanneli Mustrapa 2010, i think i’m going to buy so…
    CONGRATULATIONS! your blog is so important!

  4. the style crusader

    absolutely gorgeous photo. she looks incredible. definitely not a look everyone could pull off but she looks so naturally cool. totally goes to show it’s the attitude behind what you wear not necessarily the items themselves. xx