I saw the Grey Gardens remake with Drew Barryomre and Jessica Lange this summer and it was so gripping, sad and at the same time very inspiring. I have been wanting to find the original movie and came over this clip with some off all Little Edie’s costume changes. Does anyone know where I can see or get the original movie?

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  1. Andrea

    wow I love the Beales…

    although I loved the remake it doesn’t hold a candle to the Maysles doc. The dvd put out by the Criterion collection has great extras and there is also The Beales of Grey Garden (a sort of part two to the original Grey Gardens) that I have yet to watch…

  2. LT

    Netflix! or barnes & noble… it is the most amazing and moving documentary. way better than the remake.

  3. ari

    the original is so great!

    you can buy it at

    they have an amazing collection of films.

  4. Ari

    Its ari from
    It is one my faves and is available through the criterion collection.

  5. marisa competello

    im sure you can get it on netflix.
    cinema nolita had it but it just closed.
    maybe two boots on ave a.

    good luck.
    its worth owning.

  6. Kelly

    I loved the Grey Gardens remake, but I don’t know where to find the original either. The house is now open for events and such.

    Off topic, but it was really nice meeting you at the Margiela sale yesterday! Updated my google reader and now I see all your recent posts.