Vanessa Traina is working the grey/silver/pastel-peach nude palette like no other. And I really love her hairdo cause it looks so perfectly effortless, I think she might have used a curling iron in the front pieces and some nutritional oil to gather the ends. What to you think? I really like that it doesn’t look perfectly healthy in a controlled way, less perfect makes it interesting.

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64 Responses to “GREY SCALE”

  1. Rebecca

    WOULD ANYONE CARE TO SAY WHERE THIS SKIRT IS FROM? (sorry for all caps I just love it so much and I would actually save every tiny penny I have for it)

  2. María José

    I like Vanessa and I like the ongoing trend of sauvage cheveux, but must say I’m not a big fan of this particular hairstyle in her case.

  3. Kaye Beeh

    I agree, very effortless. I love her pull together skirt. Very nice material and texture to play around with mixing that sweater. I am a fan of mixing textures sometimes.

  4. ehm

    I actually disagree about her hair, it looks thin and like she really needs to cut an inch off it. Love her outfit though.

  5. cristina

    the look is fantastic, love the the skirt and shoes….but honestly, her hair looks dirty and it kind of ruins the whole package….

  6. Deborah

    Gorgeous outfit. Love shades of gray. Sorry to say, though, she looks in need of a good hair cut. Beautiful otherwise!

  7. demi

    Love the uniquely, effortless!!!
    I must disagree with the hair however. I love the natural look but honestly I feel her hair needs a good cut! Her hair would look thicker, healthier and shinier. Just sayin’……