Mary Kate Steinmiller’s skirt length is just perfect. It’s a nice change after a long period with short skirts and a lot of bare legs. It’s elegant but at the same time young and fun. She paired it beautifully with a knitted sweater which is perfect to wear now as the temperature is dropping.

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  1. arebecca

    Does anyone have any idea who makes her shoes? I love them and have searched everywhere online, but can’t find that exact style. Thanks. P.S. She is adorable!!

  2. Vichy et Pois

    Such an harmony of beauty and style. She is so cute! And, my first comment here: I love your blog, it’s such an inspiring place! Go on like this!

  3. lene

    I think short skirts are fine for the cooler weather as long as you have leggings or those nice wool stockings..why don’t you have any fashions with leggings on here? I would like to see more of that

  4. Caro

    I am in love with this skirt
    and the vintage bag looks amazing to it, because at first I thought that it looks too grandma-like but the shoes and the bag make it great

  5. Civetta

    I love this look! It’s so simple and in the same time so astonishing and just amazing… Knitting + long skirt + these kinda gladiator shoes + this dark blue bag… Just perfect! I’m the biggest fan everrrrr of knitting, so for sure I’m in love with this outfit!

  6. Anna :))

    Hei, skriver på norsk, kan du ikke legge ut bilder av noen norske jenter og skrive litt om vår stil? Føler ikke at vi gjør noe inntrykk på resten av verden. Men er veldig stolt av deg, og fornøyd med at du gjør det så braa!! Fortsett sånn, du er utrolig pen på en sympatisk måte.

  7. Elise

    What a beautiful and chic look! I just love the combo of a short knitted sweater and a long skirt.

  8. Milijana

    That knit is beautiful. I really need one like that, specially a day like today when the first snow came in Stockholm 🙁

  9. The Photodiarist

    I like it. I’ve always loved longer skirt lengths though. The short short super short was never my thing. Her bag is also lovely. I wonder if it is suede, velvet or pony hair. Beautiful.

  10. Brigadeiro

    What a gorgeous outfit! Both the sweater and the skirt could look ‘mumsy’ if not wrong well, but Mary Kate wears both with perfection! Love the shoes & bag too!