As fall gets colder and darker I find myself preferring lighter colors, it seems to brighten up my mood.This lovely sweater is by Stine Goya, corduroy pants by Rag & Bone, bag by Alexander Wang, self-made belt and boots by Tabitha Simmons.

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102 Responses to “GREENE STREET NYC”

  1. helena

    You are so stylish!!
    I love the detail of the white belt. I bet you are a model, because you look great in the clothes!
    Keep going!
    Wanna follow each other? Check out my blog, and say hello!


  2. assez blonde

    LOVE this outfit, it’s very Isabel Marant! have literally spent hours looking at all your posts today, I’m in awe… new blog inspiration!

  3. rad

    could you please please please do a post on how you made this belt? ive been looking on google for ages on how do diy a beaded belt ad there’s nothing!

  4. LLL

    Jeg elsker håret ditt! Kan du lage et lite innlegg om hvordan du får det så fint?:)

  5. María José

    Hey, Hanneli!
    I prefer lighter -and bright- colors for the cold seasons, too! In Argentina, as in many other countries, people seems to be used to wear dark clothes then, but I’m not. That’s why I love your autumnal ensemble, and adore that sweater!
    Besos, María José

  6. kelly

    i saw you when you were here in tokyo, and I follow your blog from time to time. in these two pictures especially, I realize you are such a beautiful woman.

  7. Julie

    I always feel the same in the winter, I find myself wearing lots of cream, white and light gray. The pink sweater is soooo pretty!

  8. Elise Normann

    Dear Hanneli, you are so amazingly beautiful… and so is that sweater. I am so happy, to see such a huge style inspiration as you, wearing a piece from Stine Goya, one of our country’s most talented designers.


  9. Eleni

    so pure and wintery. Love the pale colors and the different textures and the edgy twist of the booties!

  10. clara

    I really love this outfit, it’s great! The sweater is soo cool! And i love the combo with ivory pants and all the other items!

  11. fashion suicides

    Beautiful beautiful pictures and color combination! And that Stine Goya sweater has been a craving for years! Love the color on you, and love how your hair looks like :).


  12. Kiki

    The colour of this sweater is awesome! This pink is so cute and mild. Really want a sweater in this colour. The knit looks so comfy as well.

    It’s great to wear light colour in such a cold and dull season!