I just saw “The September Issue” and I loved it. Grace is truly inspirational and so much fun. I still wish she would have used the hot pink jacket with gloves stuck on the front for the fashion shoot she was planning, I would have loved to see a story like that in American Vogue. It’s amazing that they let a camera team into the secret world of Vogue. Just to see how they work together and simply how it looks like. I was laughing a lot through the movie, but was sitting next to a two grumpy women who didn’t get any of the jokes, they kept turning every time I laughed wondering why I was laughing.Oh and I can’t get the shoot with Raquel Zimmerman out of my head, that hair and that location, WOW!

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17 Responses to “GRACE CODDINGTON”

  1. Siri

    The woman is the coolest, and she doesn’t even have to try!! She IS Vouge!

  2. The Photodiarist

    I loved the movie too. I share the same general impression of Anna Wintour an American Vogue. I too prefer Italian and French Vogue to American Vogue. Anna is so focused on American Vogue being a commercial success that she almost (but for Grace Coddington) obliterates the artistic element of the magazine. I think that Anna forgets that a huge part of fashion is pure fantasy. In any event, I did not realize before this movie how much Grace influenced the visual choices made by the magazine. I only wish Anna would give Grace’s creativity more space.

  3. MariannaF

    Yes about the pink jacket but even more dissapointed she didnt end up using most of the photos Grace worked on- those photos were breathtaking! I have to admit I wasnt crazy about the movie, I thought the documentary about Karl that came out a while back was much better and revealing.

  4. Emily

    Grace was the star of the film!!! So much more than Anna. I love how she dresses kind of frumpy, but her styling work is incredible!!

  5. alexandra

    Ah, that was the movie that was missing on my “To watch” list. Thank you for reminding me! 🙂

    Do you take all of the pictures in your blog?

  6. Sara Jin Mi

    I really gained a lot of respect for Grace after seeing the docu. She’s amazing, and she has such a great passion for what she do.. She inspires me so much..

  7. Marie

    I know! And also the perfect 1920s inspired dress. I’m glad Grace didn’t care and used it anyway…

  8. Kate

    I agree, Grace Coddington was so fun to watch and is obviously really talented. It made me sad when her gorgeous shoots would get pushed aside for more subdued ones. As much as I love Vogue, they could definitely push the envelope a little more and it would be nice to see a wider variety of models.

  9. UnoCosa

    oh!!! how i love Grace’s red hair!!! and i totally agree about american vogue tends to be a little more conservative … as matter of fact, the whole fashion scenes in the states are a bit conservative … xoxo

  10. Egil

    I so agree I think their fashion stories are beautiful but bland. I bet if Grace could do what she wanted american vogue would be SO much more inspiring!