I’m very excited to see the story I photographed, styled and modeled for Glamour US’s August issue. The process from meetings with Executive Fashion Director at Glamour Ann Christensen to seeing it in print in the magazine has been such a fun experience. See the rest of the story here for ideas on how to wear denim this fall.

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91 Responses to “GLAMOUR + HANNELI”

  1. Maria Ana

    You are so talented!
    I especially like the last photo: the styling, light and your poses.


    maria ana

  2. Eva Janssen

    I saw the spread in Glamour; it’s gorgeous! So elegant and well put-together yet casual. I like how you mixed highs and lows so flawlessly, with both expensive and accessible garments. Most of all I love that the photographs have the same quality that your blog pics have–they’re obviously fashionable and all, but they also have an element of being realistic–like these are the clothes that you go out and actually walk around in. So inspiring, Hanneli! You do streetstyle so well. 😉

  3. Lizzy O

    Love the clothes! That fuzzy sweater, the purple skirt, the combo of army green and pastel blue – Hanneli you are a genious! Thats’s it! I’m going shopping.

  4. Sienna Sisa

    You are so talented! I wouldn’t have been able to do one of the jobs in a photoshoot and you did it all! Amazing and inspiring.

    Lots of love (LOL)


  5. luxury in dubai

    I cannot tell you how much love this those shoes!super cute.both looks really welled-dressed to be in this setting.thanks for sharing these content.after reading your article i have experiences to work with it.

  6. Emily Lane

    The styling in this shoot is so amazing! I love your style so it’s great to get to see pages of it. I love that the denim isn’t always obvious. And that Gap sweater looks incredible. So much inspiration!

  7. Kara J

    What an inspiring fashion story! It’s been a while since I got this inspired. The colors the fabrics and the combinations are interesting while easy to wear at the same time, but not easy to come up with for regular people, so I’m very happy you. Thank you!

  8. Maya

    I love your story, I got so many great ideas from your styling. My fall wear is almost ready thanks to you.

  9. Tanya Z

    The issue is not out yet in my country, just the July issue. The pictures are so cool and inspiring.

  10. Regan

    I absolutely love these photos and the styling, but just out of curiosity, how did you photograph AND model?


  11. Kristine

    Kjøpte bladet i USA! Kjempefine bilder, og gøy at det var med en norsk modell! Fantastisk!

  12. Tara

    This is such a wonderful shoot, Hanneli! I had a look at the link and I am now in complete awe of everything – from the clothes and the stylings, to the fab locations.

    Best Wishes,


  13. Nanna

    You’re so beautiful – and I really think you’re my number one inspiration when it comes to clothes!