The beautiful Mariacarla Boscono and Natalia Vodianova together in Givenchy SS10 Campaign, looking amazing! (Sorry male models – don’t know your names) I’m obsessed with the tribal pattern, and I love the idea of wearing something of the same from head to toe. It looks so good that their simple hairdo’s looks great and not boring.

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11 Responses to “GIVENCHY SS10”

  1. Sabine

    They are all beautiful and I think this is the best tribal pattern I’ve seen in fashion. I normally don’t like saying this, but: I WANT!

  2. Eliza

    Man in top photo at far left is Simon Nessman. He was featured on the Imagist blog a few weeks back

  3. Jessy

    oh yes, of course of course… this is just amazing. i hardly recognise Natalia for some reason; the brows perhaps?

    this collection is so intriguing. tribal print can look borderline obnoxious but this walks the line and ticks the boxes. well casted and well styled. AND it suits your blog x


  4. Melissa~

    Its amazing have natalia back in ads. She looks stuning.
    This collection is so unexpected, the lines and tribal patterns are incredibles.
    Again Givenchy has an amazing campaigne.