I got goosebumps at Gareth Pugh. I must admit I had expected something even more crazy from him, but I loved it. The pallet was pale grey tones, grey is the new black! Oh and the shoes were hot, me want. Kind of wished I hadn’t faced the photographers they’re annoyingly in my shot, but I’m not complaining I got to see the show which I’m very happy about.

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8 Responses to “GARETH PUGH”

  1. royal

    Gareth Pugh is just a genius. I remember the first time I saw images from his runway. I believe it was A/W 07″ and I just couldn’t believe someone could make things that dark and beautiful.

  2. folktime

    wow! they took shredding to a whole new level, amazing! very innovative. i love your blog, so i linked you to mine 🙂