I love this dewy baby blue color, and it looks amazing on Aleksandra McCormack.

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60 Responses to “FUZZ IT UP”

  1. Kate

    She is the sweetest person. I go into Acne just to see the beautiful clothes and she is always so nice! As adorable in real life and she is in this photo. Fantastic sweater.

  2. Bonnie Friday

    Ahh I love that piercing!! The rocky piercing complements the feminine baby blue sweater so well – I love a good conflicting outfit!

    Gorgeous photo, great inspiration!

    Bonnie Friday

  3. Maartje

    Dear Hanneli,

    Do you happen to have a picture with the top of her head on it as well? I love this photo, but would like to take it to the hairdresser & for that they probably need to see the way it’s cut from the top (especially with the bangs).

    I’m rather envious of her sweater!

    Always happy to see a blog post of yours; thank you.

    Maartje from Amsterdam