I love the blanket I bought for my couch so much that I decided to wear it out. Ha! I picked it up at Jonathan Adler. The belt is by Proenza Schouler, skirt is selfmade, pants from Club Monaco, shoes are Acne “Atacoma” and rings are vintage.

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44 Responses to “FROM THE COUCH”

  1. Eeva

    Loistava idea!!! 🙂 Täytyy heti ottaa kokeiluun! Niin ja sun blogi on ihan mielettömän ihana! Tsemppiä Nykiin!

  2. Astrid

    God ide! Du får det til å se skikkelig stilig ut. Tviler på jeg ville klart å pulled it off selv 😉

  3. jimena

    Hanneli, you’re truly inspiring!!
    I finally landed your page now, since I seen a pic of you in a black jumpsuit a long time ago, I loved it so much; you’re so beautiful and stylish, this is obvious to you maybe, but when I say this, I think about it in superlative terms.
    Now that I seen a lot of your blog, one thing that diferentiates you (and other “power bloggers” that also model for blog pics or a living) is your ORIGINALITY and MASTERING of TECHNIQUES; the ability to combine trends and be personal at the same time, not just “a follower” (there’s so much of that), and about the technical aspect, your pictures are well taken: frame, focus, light, etc. Pictures like this (with or without knowing the blanket fact haha, which I find great!!) are so dreamy, keeps you watching for minutes and at the same time doing something inside your head with absentee but focused eyes on it… pure art, my dear.

    All the best, keep it going!!!

    PS: I don’t use to comment, that’s Scheisse I know, but be sure I’ll be around!!

  4. Ida

    The sparkling bras are available on ebay – there are lots of them actually and they’tre not particulary expensive either ;);)

  5. editor

    i’ve got 2 different blankets that were both intended for the home and both live very much on me instead.

  6. victoria

    Gorgeus!!!!! I love this atacoma boots.One question, where I can find the sparkly bra? I saw your sparkly bra and is amazing and I want one too! love it!! What’s the bra prize??

  7. Zakuro Yugo(ZY)

    The Blanket for your Couch!
    Nice idea.

    I like your way of black and light blue.

    Acne Atacoma’s color and shape look so lovely.

    Best Regards.

  8. Carmen

    I love that you wore your blanket, ha ha, that’s so cute. Your shoes are amazing by the way.


  9. Arushi Khosla

    I’ve always loved these atacoma wedges better than the black and silver version. Stunning.

    And haha, the blanket looks fabulous 😛

  10. Victoria

    Helt utrolig herlig antrekk, åh jeg elsker lyseblått og svart sammen, og det teppet var nydelig=)elsker Acne

  11. Ida

    Fantastisk antrekk! Enkelt, men så perfekt. Lurte forresten på hvor du har fått tak i de blå atacoma’ene dine? På nettet..?

  12. Signe

    OMG. So great style! I’ve just been in New York. I love this amazing city. Can I ask you, which ‘hood’ do you live in?

  13. June

    Haha, så kult! Og helt sikkert godt og varmt! Åh, jeg vil ha de skoene der. Men man kan visst ikke kjøpe sånt for assistentlønn i helsesektoren. Bummer!

  14. Melissa~

    Brilliant idea!!
    And it doesn’t look like just a blanket.
    I love your atacoma shoes, I want them so badly.