I love how simple this outfit is. It looks so easy and chic. I guess I expected to see Converse shoes with it, and love how she has high heeled boots instead. It’s great to see how laid back and cute the models dress during couture, everywhere else you’ll see them with structured and tailored pieces and thought through outfits.

I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten to post as often as I would have liked to lately. I have just been to Fashion Weeks in Copenhagen and Stockholm respectively, it has been fun and inspiring but also very busy. I wish you all a wonderful Thursday!

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94 Responses to “FROM PARIS COUTURE”

  1. jo

    One can see that she is sucking in her lips to get even more cheekbones. Sad when beautiful girls over do it. Not like she needs it.

    The outfit is still fab.

  2. Giulia

    I’ve seen her in Chanel haute couture. She’s beautiful and the collection is.. breathtaking!

  3. Vicki

    I’m loooving this look on her. She looks just perfect and laidback chic, topped off with beautiful deep red lips. She makes me wanna start wearing lipstick! Hope you had a great time in copehagen, it was so nice to se you, and hope to bump in to you again in the future 🙂

  4. pink

    thats awesome!!! love the look:-)

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    or follow me on twitter at TTOSindulgence

  5. eliska

    i adore the simplicity and… purity of this outfit.
    it look so innocent with the hint of an edge…

  6. Kelly Frances

    shes beautiful.. models always have such a laid back style, but its so right for them. wonder whats in the chanel bag!


  7. Hedvig

    du er sikkert klar over at du er på jakandjil ?! 😀 elsker måten du kombinerer klær på. utrolig, helt utrolig..

  8. Edona

    Elsker den lille blondedetaljen som titter ut under genseren hennes!

    Og et lite spørsmål til deg, Hanneli: hvordan/hva trener du? Du ser fantastisk ut! Eller er du kanskje bare begavet med naturlig slankhet og trener aldri? 😛

  9. pqdesigninc

    the color of her lips match w the sweater’s stripes – how brilliant! i did go in remission when yo have not posted in a few. LOL

  10. mariana

    what events will you be attending at Fashion week in NY? I will be there as well!

  11. Dana

    I love that simplicity is in style. The outfit is nice, but I would prefer it with converse rather than the black heals. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Amanda - Lace & Tea

    Her outfit is so cute and put together extremely well. Ive just discovered your blog and I completely love it! Cant wait to read your future (lovely) posts… xo

  13. Simone Løkke

    She is gorgeous!!! I love the way she wears a casual red striped knit with shorts and high heels – and her lips!!! Amazing .. looks like Chanel Rouge ??

  14. Catherine

    She’s so incredibly beautiful – I love her hair and makeup!
    That sweater looks amazing with those shorts, as well. And I love the bit of lace peeking out.

  15. dishly

    soso SO cute!! put so well together, but only she could pull it off…
    haha i love how she’s holding a chanel bag 🙂

  16. Anni

    Maybe you could post something from the fashion weeks soon!? Thoughts on the shows and collections?

  17. Gon

    She’s superb! Love the little details like the lace peeking out the sweater!

    Have fun!
    Dimogonda blog

  18. Clara

    She’s absolutely stunning. Gosh what i would do for cheekbones like that!

    Also love that her striped jumnper is raspberry and cream as opposed to the old classic, navy.

  19. Ioana Liliana Gheorghe

    Indeed, such a simple, but oh-so-very cute outfit. I especially like the bit of lace that sneaks out, and her make-up is so perfectly balanced with the outfit. Just lovely!

  20. lolita

    LOVE how classic this is- the blue of the jeans goes so well with the red. and the red matches her lips- it’s all in the detail!