Not long ago I went with Frida Gustavsson on her shopping trip with Vogue.com, you can read about it HERE, and get some scoops of good vintage shopping at the same time. We went to one of my favorite vintage shops The Garment Room  in Soho that I wrote about HERE. Frida is trying on a pair of shoes by Acne at the Acne store in New York.

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28 Responses to “FRIDA GUSTAVSSON”

  1. Sedi Port

    Hello Hanneli
    I’m a huge fan of yours, been always love reading your blog, but recently I’ve found GQ.com.tw stealing your work, just like last time they steal Tommy Ton’s, as a reader and photographer, can’t stand the behavior of a major site using your work without paying. I have a friend works for style.com and told me GQ tw paid every pic if it’s from style.com, if so they should pay you, too.


  2. tonje

    Vakker!! Vet du hvor hun har den nydelige skjorten fra? (siklesikle)

  3. Ellie

    You have such a great eye!! I really love your photos – they always inspire me. I only discovered this site recently but now I’m hooked and look forward to every new picture. Real people looking stylish and beautiful is always more inspiring than slick photo shoots.

    Thank you!

  4. Kelly

    I really love the setting of the store and the way how you took the picture!

  5. JJAdams

    Coooooooooool!!! <3 <3 <3 Nice article! Frida has so much style, just like you Hanneli! <3