I love to get pieces for my wardrobe that can be used for different looks, like this amazingly cut Acne top that I also wore here. The more looks I can squeeze out of one piece of clothing the better. It gives each look a more personal feel, rather than putting it away after wearing it just a few times. I wonder if we’ll ever feel comfortable wearing the same dress on different occasions, with the same crowd? I’m wearing Rag & Bone Plum colored jeans, turtleneck by Majestic Filatures, sunglasses by Karen Walkershoes and clutch is by Alexander Wang.

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133 Responses to “FINALLY FALL!”

  1. Marc Schmier

    I like how you have the sleeves pushed up to the elbows with the turtleneck. I think that is very sexy. Do you do that very often with turtlenecks?

  2. darragh

    i love metallics with the rich autumnal colors! i’m happy to see darker colored jeans, plum is fresh pulse to the pastel denims trend

  3. J-na

    I totally agree with what you are saying about interchangeable pieces, if we are paying for high-end or couture we might as well get the most out of them. You are totally right, it does make it more of a personal signature style, custom, that reflects our personality.

    That is why I love couture accessories! Personalized and you can wear them at least once a week!

    Even in my new line of Haute Couture dresses and two piece gowns, we make them interchangeable to be show several looks! It’s so fun!

    I love the fall colors!

  4. Mari

    I first saw you on Juniper & York – beautiful and classic taste – congratulations!

  5. Ingunn

    Kjempefint antrekk og bilder. Nå fikk jeg også lyst på farger på klær!

  6. winda tiodang


  7. Nancy

    You look wonderful!!!
    Such an elegant and clean cut. And the colours go great together.


  8. vicki Bjerknes

    Appropos ekstremt god stil, så kom jeg til å nevne deg i en artikkel i som ukas designerspire, på spørsmål om hvilken kjent person jeg ville ønsket å se i designet mitt. How could I not.. Du ser jo så bra ut i alt!

  9. Style Croissant

    The mustard and plum work so well together ! This was in the Tuileries right ? I was there yesterday taking pictures 🙂
    I love how you layered your sweater with the white turtleneck and those shoes are so chic by their minimalistic design.
    Flawless as always

  10. Joann

    Please tell me where you got that silver bracelet! I have been looking for a solid silver bangle with completely round edges and yours looks perfect.

  11. irina

    You probably hear this alot, but you are such an inspiration. So clean cut style with a perfect dose of sensuality! Love it!

  12. Bella

    Dear Hanneli,

    Not only do you have the beauty to be able to wear literally anything. Anything. You also have impeccable style. My 6 year old daughter has just been told off for saying ‘it’s not fair’. I agree with her. It’s not fair 😉

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs.


  13. Estranged

    The colours are just perfect for autumn – not too gloomy and yet not summery any more. And I want your jeans really badly!

  14. La Perle

    These colors are amazing! And I completely agree with wearing a special item a few ways – it makes it your own and it is economical. I am always looking for really well made and beautiful pieces that will last years, instead of picking up a shirt for a one night party at H&M. I moved to Paris and instead of bringing any of that stuff with me, I brought most of my grandma’s clothes that have lasted years and years – and that look amazing!


  15. M

    These are great colors!! Loving the purple of those jeans. I wish it would be cold enough to wear them here in San Francisco (yes, that’s right.. SF!). This look is just gorgeous & chic 🙂

    <3 from San Francisco

  16. Ranveig

    Wow!! Merker jeg angrer bare bittelitt på at jeg ikke kjøpte den toppen!! Håper den fortsatt er i butikkene 🙂

  17. Alex York

    hopefully the trend of reusing will spread and help us with our shopaholic issues and depressed teenagers (becouse they don’t have enough clothes), you even have the same shoes on 😉

  18. Meghan_eve

    Such different pieces that you would imagine they would look awful together. However, the outfit is fabulous as always!


  19. Scandinavophile

    Fantastic combination. Very flattering, and the white high neck is simply wonderful. Always a lover of Karen Walker’s eyewear too! x Scandinavophile