I love that the skirt is longer in the back than in the front. And the sweater has a open back which I failed to photograph. Sweater and skirt is by Acne and bag by Mulberry.

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  1. elina

    i know I’m only 14 and may not know anything about fashion but your’e such a beautiful person with incredible style! I hope to grow up and be just like you with my own blog.(maybe a little taller though.I’m already 5”9.

  2. Hanna

    Do you know were i can buy that sweater?
    I visited the blog for the first time today, and I will continue with that!

  3. Sherryll

    Love yellow, looking nice!! Would love to see the back of the shirt and skirt! Is the sweater from this/ new collection?

  4. Nehemie W.

    Loving the strong and bright color of the sweater in combination with the more detaining colored skirt and the friendly – we call it babyblue in germany, don’t know the english word for the color so let’s just say – babyblue Mulburry bag. Color blocking at it’s best. ACNE is my favorite brand!

  5. Adeleine

    Jeg er helt forelsket i stilen din! Hvert antrekk ser så effortlessly chic ut, og så utrolig riktig! I admire you!

  6. Sara

    A little late but I just saw your interview on Net-A-Porter. You looked stunning!

    I recently started a fashion blog myself found here: lamodequivole.blogspot.com

    check it out!

  7. Fride

    Jeg elsker alt du har på deg Hanneli! De gangene jeg ser du har blogget på bloglovin, klikker jeg meg med en gang inn på bloggen din, og hver gang får jeg se outfit etter outfit, like fine, spesielle! Får inspirasjon hver gang!

  8. Lene

    Wow for en genser. Er den fra acne høst 2011 eller er den eldre? Vet du hva den heter? Must have 🙂

  9. Nina

    Nice combination but I couldn’t wear THAT short skirt….

  10. Flavia

    Oh please photograph it, I think you look lovely and I would really like to see the back of the sweater. Acne makes such beautiful clothes and you have a great style 🙂