If you’re a 16-year old New Yorker, you know where to shop your vintage pieces. Charlotte Fox’s wonderful dress and the bright orange faux fox tail are vintage, and her bag is by Isabel Marant.

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85 Responses to “FAUX FOX”

  1. elisa

    Soy Española y mencantan los blogs sigo todos los que puedo y me gustaria hacerme mipropio blog y ser una street-style, pero vivo en un pueblo perqueño en el que nadie se emoziona por la moda, solo he ido una vez a Madrir y fue de pequeña. I mencantaria ir a estudiar a la universidad de Columbia en NY.
    Que me acosegarias?
    Como llegastes tu ha ser tan popular?
    XO elisa

  2. shanny

    I’ve always loved the fox tail but have never agreed with the real thing. Great way to capture the look, had no idea you get gets these faux!


  3. Bec

    the cut of that dress alone is incredible…but the print, the print just takes the cake.

  4. Rebecca Sjølie

    Vær så snill, Hanneli, blogg mer! Jeg skjønner tiden kan være knapp, men du er virkelig min favoritt, så betyr utrolig mye hver gang jeg ser du har et nytt innlegg! Bildene dine og innleggene dine er så perfekte, og du er virkelig en inspirasjon. Stor klem

  5. Maria

    Er ikke halen fra HM? Uansett skal jeg kjøpe den, for den var so much better looking når man så den slik!

  6. Maicen

    Oooh, to be 16 one more time…..or maybe not, but the good parts was good-good. Love her style, she looks fantastic!

  7. Sheena

    If only I were so stylish at 16. Growing up in new york could be considered one of the greatest inspirations of all x

  8. Xyryl

    She’s INSPIRATIONAL in all aspect of every one’s fashion LIFE. Im gonna cry because of the pure ebauty that i see in er face and of course, her isabel Marant bag with that orange faux fox tail clipped on the bag. hihihi!

  9. Frances

    Love the print on the dress – it’s the bag and fox tail nonchalantly thrown over her shoulder that make the look though.

  10. BerryHaute

    The dress is fabulous, reminds me of a print my grandmother would have worn. I love the simple “no make-up” face.

  11. Allegra

    amazing! I sooo adore your blog, I’d really love you to check out my blog and tell me what you think about it! have a wonderful day, Allegra

  12. Andrea

    I absolutely love her dress! Such a great print, they look like mini Victorian advertisements. So cute.