So many layers and they work so well together. The belt in the waist makes the whole difference.

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46 Responses to “FASHION WEEK CUTIE PIE”

  1. Claudia Micher - Campina Grande

    Amei o visual!!!!!!!
    look very elegant! Perfect for use in the winter here!I live in Campina Grande and here despite being in the northeast of Brazil is usually a very cold city especially during the winter
    Besitos 🙂

  2. Nathalie Evelynn

    Hanneli I truly love the photos you choose and all and our blog is amazing! (yes, we are sensing a but here!) But.. I would really appreciate if you wrote the name to every girl and boy whom you uploaded pictures of. For example.. What is the name of this gorgeous girl? She is such a inspiration, and I don’t even have a name!
    Great port btw!

  3. Lucy

    I love her cardigan!

    Also, I saw you at Patrik Ervell today – your furry white coat is beautiful!

  4. january

    love the layering. the check shorts (or skirt?) work so well with that chunky knit and the colour of the belt picks it up so well and cinches in the waist just enough to give her a shape without looking suffocated or showy. this is a great look. loves.

    january, x

  5. Pats

    So comfy and fashionable at the same time! Great shot!


  6. Tooney

    Hanneli your photos are always the best and you choose the best girls. Thank you for this lovely inspiratiion!!

  7. Catherine

    I agree – the belt really pulls this together! Also, her smile is just adorable. Kind of Audrey Tatou-ish.

    So cute.