Erin makes blue jeans and a white t-shirt look really good, it’s so simple and cool. And i love her jewelry, especially the one with all the coins.

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48 Responses to “ERIN WASSON”

  1. Maile John

    I love how Erin Wassen is so laid back in her style yet looks like a million bucks. She never looks fussy, just beautiful. She is also a pitbull owner, which makes her kick ass even more!

  2. kylie

    Erin Wassen is so amazing. I love her and I wish I was able to meet her. Her look is so fresh and unique and she reminds me of this girl in my class. Awesome

  3. Kelly Frances

    i love erin, so effortless. the necklace looks so delicate and fragile.. i think she paired three together, fabulous


  4. indie

    haha the coin jewelry reminds me of school excursions where we used to make ones!

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  6. Elli

    Erin is beautiful, but must she insist on doing this duck beak pout in every photo taken of her?

  7. kat

    you know that saying, that dogs look like their owners? thats correct in this instance. love erin.


  8. H4ck3r

    she is gorgeous …as is this photo …is it just me or do she and her doggie kind of have the same look on their face? Similar coloring as well ….I love it.

  9. Madalena

    am I the only one hating this Paez trend?
    Besides that, I love her style. And I love your own taste for picking styles! Keep it up


  10. Maria

    … Hadde eg tatt på meg det der så hadde eg sett ut som eit vrak. Ho er jo heilt fantastisk. Og så det fine smykket :-)

  11. Kate

    Fabulously laid-back! Her dog is totally stealing the show though! He’s adorable! xx

  12. Nataliexxx

    May I just note Ms Mustaparta, your photograpghy is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passion with the us

    (may I ask what lense you use??. Thank you)

    Natalie M

  13. Lisa

    Amazing in its very simpleness as usual! Am I the only one who thinks that the dog matches Erin W perfectly?

  14. LH

    wow, u hav met her? ntaw, her dog is so cute and she soo natural beauty; )

  15. ...love Maegan

    she is gorgeous …as is this photo …is it just me or do she and her doggie kind of have the same look on their face? Similar coloring as well ….I love it.

  16. Francesca

    love this pic. its great. she has the BEST tshirts and tanks.


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