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61 Responses to “EFFORTLESS”

  1. Lauren

    I love the movement in this shot. The light is so creamy- it really allows the purple to pop here. Nice work!

    Hand drawn:

  2. eve

    Wow, she’s so beautiful and natural and that shirt is to die for!! Don’t you have a full shot of this girl?

  3. Mia

    Hei, elsker bloggen din , alltid like inspirerende 🙂
    Så deg forresten i son i går. Så utrolig kul ryggsekk du gikk med. Vil du si hvor den er fra? Mia

  4. The Baker

    This is a beautiful girl and a beautiful look. The shirt reminds me of Dries a couple seasons ago.


  5. Marie

    Hanneli, du tar så fantastiske bilder!
    translation: Hanneli, your pictures are fab!(i tilfellet noen lurte på hva ejg skrec!!)

  6. Gon

    AAwww! She looks so lovely, i really like the combo she did right there and my fave pieces are the little bag and the shirt (the print just calls my namee!) and it all looks so wonderful.
    Who’s the shirt by?

    Dimogonda blog

  7. Lorena

    I love the blue square shirt, especially the glitter painted collar! I also adore her bare face and natural hair, so pretty.

  8. Sofie

    She is the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long time. There’s just something about her, a certain charisma.