Unbelievable sad news, the Korean model Daul Kim took her own life in her apartment in Paris, and was found yesterday morning. She was such a successful model, had impressive style and a dark and beautiful blog. It’s only now I read through it and all the darkness makes sense. I never met her but I have seen her several times and she had a very interesting thing about her. I’m sure she would have become very successful in what ever she decided to do after modelling, if she only would have gotten the right help instead of seeing suicide as an option. My thoughts goes out to her family and friends. Let’s make sure we take good care of each other.

Pictures by Beau Grealy for Russh Magazine.

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10 Responses to “DAUL KIM – RIP”

  1. on

    I hope her forever will give her peace. She seemed like a woman in deep pain. RIP

  2. ELISE

    so so sad and crazy. i was just looking through her blog yesterday..for the first time ever. and now this… beautiful woman.

  3. yvr

    very saddened by the news.
    ps: you misspelled her name. The “a” and “u” should be reversed. it’s Daul not Dual. just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Hannah Rucker

    It’s almost sadder because that part of her is so apparent in her blog. It’s almost like she put it all out there and the world collectively let her down. So sad.