I love fall! This is when all the pretty sweaters can be worn without jackets. Rosy cheeks, fresh cold air, hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows and the heater on full at home. In Norway we’ve had fall for a couple of months (it’s already been snowing there!), but I’m back in New York now, reliving fall and enjoying it to the fullest. Maddie Kulicka picked up her knitted bag at a vintage store, but I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to knit one yourself – KIY.

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42 Responses to “DOUBLE KNIT”

  1. Darlingsix

    Oh my, she looks like a dream, a perfectly pale soft knit camel dream. I love how she has that colorful bag to accentuate everything! xo. darlingsix.

  2. MissT

    The shape of the hood is really great too. And I like the fact that the sweater is so long, that way no wind chills can sneak their way in. 😉

  3. Sara

    love the bag ! the sweater looks very confortable and the hood is fantastic!
    nice stile

  4. mac

    She looks so warm and cozy, unfortunately we’ve already passed the time of year where this is warm enough in Montreal as well… there’s always spring!?

  5. Downtowner

    What an adorable pixie of a girl! I agree with you about autumn — I love it, the crisp air, the wonderfully substantial clothes, after a season of barely there, flimsy garments. I only wish we hadn’t moved overnight from 70+ degrees to 40 here in New York!

  6. Leah

    This is gorgeous! …I think I will have to crack out my knitting needles 😉

    If you like chocolate you might like to check out a video I made at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris -its available on my blog ‘L’Australienne’ 🙂


  7. The Photodiarist

    How lovely. Beautiful photography. And I totally agree. I am really enjoying wearing my chunky knit sweaters and capes without worrying about it being too cold. Soon enough, we will be wearing big coats!

  8. Ashley

    She looks like a vortex of wooly comfort. Loves it.

    I’m a huge fan of your photography – keep ’em coming 🙂