This proves that winter doesn’t need to be all dark colors, nor color blocking. Andreea Diaconu’s Marni bag is amazing! And how great is that Panda attached to her lapel?! I smell a DIY coming up, perfect to do with my friends kids. If you don’t have the patience or any kids to make it with, you can contact Taj Melendez that is the maker of Andrea’s Panda.

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61 Responses to “DIY PANDA”

  1. Elise

    Does anyone know where the coat is from? Or where I could find one similar?

  2. maicen

    This photo is so great, and the jacket is just amazing! Love those light clothes for a winter-outfit.

  3. Alfonso

    Love the pic, love the girl and love the colours.
    And of course I love the panda.
    Love your blog, good job.

  4. Miranda

    Looove the outfit!! Would you happen to have full photo of it( i know modelsareusually running as theyre always latefrom one show to another) but I’m really curious <3 love the panda, te scarf and THAT bag!!

  5. mustownmore

    I was wondering what you meant about the Panda, and then I looked closer. How cute! I want to see more – is that an addition or part of the coat? Either way it’s a fantastic detail to add to such a chic grown up outfit of beige to let you know she still owns it!

  6. emilie

    What is a “panda” ??

    Beautiful photo, and lovely blog in general.

  7. Guilherme

    hanneli, i’m from brazil and i just saw you in corello advertisement, you are really pretty there, why don’t you post that photo in your blog?

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  9. arantja

    She’s actually a romanian model, goes by the name of Andreea Diaconu.

  10. Tone Bø

    This is great! Love that a small detail like that can complete the look! 🙂 Love your blog Hanneli, lots of love from Norway 😉