Magdalena Frackowiak with the Dior hairdo. It”s the end of fashion month and there is not that many hairstyles left to choose from unless you want to be a follower, so Dior decided to do a morf between the poofy Chanel couture hair, Alexander Wang sided braid  and Wayne 4-fishbone-braid.

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18 Responses to “DIOR HAIR”

  1. chloe Hayhurst

    I love the fishbone plait. It is one of my favourite hairstyles, because its very feminine and it gives a graceful appeal to many others. I will with out doubt be doing this more often, for sure.

    P.s The website i have issued is not mine, it is someone who i recommend thoroughly due to her good skill and creativity of fashion perception. Please take a quick peek or even add to your bookmarks/favourites. She is honestly a catalyst. Thanks x

  2. Sofia

    I love fish tails. but it’s very difficult to do it. I try on my sister and yoou have to be really precise!

  3. Telly Jalily

    Hey!, we quickly met when you took a picture of me after the chloe show! (I had a printed turban, and told you about your picture in Grazia 🙂 ), I had never seen your blog before and you’re doing such an amazing job!!.
    Your pictures are so beautiful, everything is so full of life!, I really had a great time reading and looking at it as much as I could!!.

  4. ShutupJunkie

    sometimes I kindof wish i were a girl..
    It looks great…

    Love from, Norway:)

  5. Caroline

    Braids are beautiful! I am usually more interested by clothes and accessories trends and not that much by hairstyles but I really like this one: so romantic, naive and mysterious!

  6. ragnhild

    I definitely prefer the fishbone-braid! Love it! Maybe that’s how my hair’s going to look this weekend 😉 hehe 🙂