I bought this Margiela key chain when I bought the skirt, but I wanted to make it into a earring. I just took the key chain rings off, used two pliers and opened two small silver rings and put the hoops that I bought in the jewellery district on. The key chain was a little heavy and since I have pierced my ear in two places on my right ear, I figured I could just have one in each to take take weight off.

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9 Responses to “DID IT MYSELF”

  1. die young, stay pretty.

    so clever!
    i’ve found loads of things i thought would make great earrings but the weight sounded too painful.
    i have my ear lobe pierces 3 times so maybe the possibilities are endless!

  2. venus

    genius!! here i was wondering why there were 2 rings. that must look crazy on, i love how its only one earring- inventive! xx