I’m happy to be using one of my all time favorite vintage finds again, the denim shirt is just too good. It’s actually a bodysuit, and it needs to be worn with something high waisted or else the non-denim fabric peaks up. The shorts are vintage Levi’s orange label from What Comes Around Goes Around. Same belt as in previous post. Lipstick is self-made and it will come out this fall.

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72 Responses to “DENIM-DENIM”

  1. Clara

    I’d <3 to know how to make that lipstick, how did yu do that !??

  2. LilleMo

    Elsker håret ditt- simple, casual, elegant!
    Du er utrolig flott!

  3. Tamia

    I LOVE the sexiness of the shoulder cutouts juxtaposed with the casualness of denim. Great look.

  4. pony

    AMAZING shirt. gosh, that’s one of the things you enter vintage shops in the hope of finding!! well done. i love it with the double denim too.

  5. LAdy

    when i look at your photo i realy understand why the 90’s are back… a year ago i would thing you era completaly corny… but now i look and think… man, you are fantastic, simple and sophisticated… very very good!!!


  6. Honey D.

    Im in LOVE with your hair, and that denim shirt.. is to die for

  7. Marley

    Hanneli how are you?
    I’ve seen you many times on blogs and today at jak&jil, so I thought “who is this girl?”, wrote your name on google and found your blog
    you’re amazing, your outfits, your blog and all your photos are great ?

  8. Audrey

    Not usually a fan of denim shirts but I love the cut-out details of your shirt. And the lipstick colour is so pretty! Also, you look gorgeous=)

  9. Kate

    These shirts are really in atm with the shoulder cutouts! Love how you’re rocking a more laid-back version! x

  10. zouari

    Your blog is really inspirational, I really like it.

    And, I remember that I saw you one time in Paris, in front of the Victor & Rolf’s catwalk show. You took a picture of me, and I signed a paper. I tought that you was really stylish and beautiful. So, when I discovered this blog, I have directly recognized you !

    Ps: I’m sorry for my bad english … It may have lot of mistakes.

  11. Miranda

    love the denim outfit! great style as usual!!

    love from Portugal,


  12. Kelly Frances

    ive been hunting for the perfect denim shirt… looks like you found it!! i JUST did a post on double denim, one of my favorite new looks! lovely



    This denim shirt is a beauty…. as for What goes around comes around – well, Questionable is the word that come to mind! I payed the store a visit on my recent trip to NY and was mortified when I took a gimps at the price tag! 200 bucks for a Pendleton!!! The same Vintage Pendleton shirt i bought in the UK for 28 quid! I made a swift exit and headed to Brooklyn! HA

    Yours Truly


  14. koko

    ah, sometimes i feel all great vintage finds, like your denim shirt, are already in someone’s closet, not my own!

  15. Lorena

    The shoulder cutouts are perfect. You made your own lipstick? That’s really cool, very nice natural shade.

  16. Paulina from Poland

    It’s very suit to you !

    I <3 jeans,and I like very very much your blog.

    And I want be a model like you.

    It will be better if you’ll add much pictures.:)

  17. Gon

    The denim shirt is so gorgeous and you look beautiful wearing it! Love vintage…

    Dimogonda blog

  18. amanda s

    åh.. synd den leppestiften ikke ville kledd meg 🙁 for den var fin!

  19. Siri

    Ok, that’s it, that is hands-down the coolest vintage denim shirt in the world!!