Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen always dresses great, I love her biker shorts peaking out underneath the dress with her cool Swedish Hasbeens, and Anna de Rijk’s jumpsuit paired with vintage shoes and bag. Out of habit I always stay away from darker colors during summer, but once in a while I do remember to wear one of my black dresses. I always love the way it looks in contrast with the beach or other summery sceneries

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  1. ida

    i really LOVE everything about this picture, most the shoes to the wright: i can only say…w o w . totally blown away.

  2. elina

    i’m in love with that jumpsuit! and those belts – amazing.


  3. Marit

    That’s my cousin! Dorothea:) Digger bloggen din, så det var gøy å finne et bilde av Tea her!

  4. lea

    what a lovely photograph of these two splendid girls. love what both of them are wearing and how they combined it!

  5. GG Herrera

    Im accessory obsessed. Have to say I love Dorothea’s belt and Anna’s bag. Those are the pieces that jump out at me

  6. Caddy

    I love the casual flyaway hair in this photo it just adds a great shot of personality to it.

  7. Dana

    I love both outfits, they are fun, chic and stylish. The jumpsuit is worn well with the belt ad the shoes just add that perfect touch. I wish I could wear a jumpsuit, but everyone I try on looks awful on me. Thanks for your post.

  8. Bam

    These girls look so casual and cool its almost ridiculous…. Feeling the belts as well!!

  9. joana

    i have to say i am loving the jumpsuit and vintage shoes combination. i just adore when people pair two things that are rarely seen together and pull it off like this 😀 lovely site

  10. FashionLifeCoach

    I just can admit: both outfits are unique and special enough for a post.Thanks for sharing.The millefleur print on a jumpsuit allover , is tough, but it got the right twist to be adored.

  11. Kelly Frances

    i love the messy hair, i always try to get mine to look like that.. that jumper is great


  12. Esther

    such a lovely picture; dorothea has one of the sweetest smiles. black dresses are good in summer, but it also has to be paired with an equally summery smile & attitude! 🙂